Monday, July 8, 2013

Las Vegas Update Part 1

I really wish I could post pictures off my iPad onto blogger but I can't so all the photos will have to wait until I either get hold of a computer or get home.

There's so much I have to say about my Las Vegas experience.

This is my first time in Las Vegas and I have to say I have mixed feelings about this place.

I had always wanted to visit this city but in my mind (images from movies flash through) it was totally different. I can totally understand why this place got its nickname Sin City. Parts of LV are really crass and vulgar - people trying too hard to be sexy but coming off slutty - and really sad - zoning out in front of slot machines, bleary eyed at 8 am with a beer in hand.

Of course there were also groups having a good time - laughing and enjoying themselves, just having a go on the casino floor, and girls who definitely managed to pull off that super sexy but not slutty look.

The first group indescribed dominated though. I think I'm just too old for this type if scene.

That being said, I will be back. Wanna know why? The UFC Fan Expo and Fight Week was AMAZING. Having a focus for this trip made me love almost every minute of my time in this city. The events were really well organized. I got the opportunity to train with some top athletes in the field. Plus watching UFC 162 from the 3rd row live and in person sure did beat trying to watch it live on TV at 4 am in Kuwait.

It was fantastic. The best part about training with such professionals is that it really gave me a new focus to my training. It's given me an extra drive. Although I'm happy to be on vacation, part of me can't wait to get home and put it all in motion.

My workouts here have been good.

I drove up from LA on Wednesday. Thursday I did some cardio, a mini WOD, and some stretching.
Friday - 6 hours of Jiujitsu training
Saturday - 4 hours of Jiujitsu training
Sunday - cardio + weights + stretching -- felt like a normal 2 hour workout
Monday - cardio, weights, plus some Kajukenbo drills is my intention.

Food: Definitely my problem area still. I had no idea so many of my favorite chefs have their restaurants here. I've been trying to be sensible - grilled fish, salad, vegetables, but I know that the preparations are a lot richer than I should be eating.

I don't believe in exercising just to allow calories to eat but at the moment I'm trying to keep it as balanced as possible ... But to be honest, I could be doing better.

I have to keep my intention of losing 2 kg (5 lb) by the time I get home in about 4 weeks in mind.

So that's my first update from Las Vegas. Having a great time & still working on keeping those jeans fitting loose!


  1. Hi A! Did you go see any of the fantastic shows? They're really fun. And they have a great Star Trek museum that they created the year after I went to Vegas. They had a car show at Imperial Palace where I saw one of Hitler's cars and Marilyn Monroe's car. Other than eating a lot (it wouldn't surprise me if they invented buffet in Las Vegas), the shows are the best. I don't like gambling so much.


  2. Hi Energy Woman:) So jealous of you being there live AND 3rd row seats to see it all! Totally awesome:)

  3. sounds like a cool expo! 3rd row must have been awesome. Did you see any movie stars or famous people there? I hear they like to sit up front

  4. I've never been there! Sounds like a wonderful training session even if the rest of Vegas wasn't quite as awesome!


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