Health History

There are many reasons why I want to lose weight. The main reason is because I want to be healthy - I want to be energetic and not feel tired or achy when engaging in daily activities. Luckily, I don't have those aches and pains, but unless I lose the weight now, I know it'll catch up to me in the future. The other fear I have is of diabetes and heart disease - both run in both sides of my family - and cancer, an illness that is becoming more and more widespread and has affected my family members as well.

I'm very thankful that right now my being overweight has not caused any other health problems. My blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc. are all absolutely fine. However, I'm in my mid-30's. If I don't get into shape now, then the chance of falling sick increases with every year. Why increase the risk by not taking care of my health?

The one health problem I am suffering from is uterine fibroids (UF). UFs are common among women; however, the ones I have fall into the more severe category as they grow and multiply quickly.

I've started this page just to provide a bit of background about my health because I don't want to keep rehashing the story each time I mention my pain in my regular blog.

Very briefly, in 2008 I had a myomectomy to remove 12 uterine fibroids, the largest of which 12 cm. The surgery was successful, but unfortunately, the fibroids started to regrow. Last summer I had another medical check up and was told that they were in dangerous positions and were pressing down on my organs. I would need surgery as soon as possible. Instead of going for another myomectomy, in October 2011 I decided to go for a hysterectomy.

The surgery was not a success. So many adhesions (scar tissue) had grown that they were unable to remove the uterus or any fibroids. So I have been left with 8 fibroids, the largest of which is 8 cm and really pushing down on my bladder. The surgeons said that the condition was inoperable.

Ever since then I have been in pain or discomfort on a daily basis. The dull throb in my lower abdomen is constant, but I've gotten used to it. The pain comes in spasms, at least once daily (if I'm lucky) otherwise 3-4 times a day as sharp pains -- and sometimes a lower intensity of pain but more frequent.

I'm very conscious of their presence. My lower abdomen is firm, but not firm in the sexy muscle type of firm, more like I've got a damn alien growing inside me type of firm.

I try to ignore it, but some days it is really hard.

I am focusing on getting all other parts of me healthy and then worrying about this issue later. I focused on getting stronger over the past year and now I'm finally ready to start researching other solutions to my health condition. I don't know what the solution is, but I'm hoping I find one so that I can fully enjoy all the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle.

That's a summary of what's going on. The following are links to more detailed blog posts if anyone is interested. I know that reading about other people's personal experiences through this type of health problem really, really helped me as I prepared for my surgery and dealt with my recovery. I hope that in  turn I too can help someone by sharing my story.

October 2011 - Details about my past surgery and general condition & November 2011 - The Last Rant posts are the most significant ones for me ... the rest just go through my thought processes and emotions.

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Given that I don't have any surgical options (at least not in Kuwait), I've been going for regular acupuncture sessions to help with pain management. They've worked. I know that there are a lot of people out there who don't believe acupuncture works, but in my opinion, if I'm not feeling as much pain (whether it's real or psychological) then I win.

I'm still looking for a permanent solution -- I just haven't been successful yet.


  1. Hi A! I remember all of that happening to you. That's when I started following you, and you didn't have many followers back then (like you definitely do now) and I felt those health conditions were just something I should support you about. Bad sentence there, but you know what I mean. :D

    It's much more fun to be your support now! Have you ever changed--Wonder Woman!

    :-) Marion

  2. Wow, I just made it back to read your health history...
    I believe you need a new surgeon; I find it remarkable that with current technologies (laser surgery etc), fibroids would be considered inoperable!
    (my mother had hysterectomy due to fibroids when I was 2 yrs old - i.e. in 1966 - bcz doctors feared tumors would kill her)

    1. I know -- I'm hoping I can find a solution soon.


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