Sunday, November 24, 2013

Holiday Food

I found myself shopping for groceries I don't normally buy today. The shop took ages because I couldn't remember where things like mayonnaise and evaporated milk were located. It felt strange to buy these things in the first place. I wanted to put a sign on my cart saying - it's not for me, I swear! It's for the holidays.

Every year I throw a Thanksgiving dinner. I keep track of my menus so that I make sure I don't have the same exact foods each year. However, this year as I was going through my menus I thought - No, I won't be serving that; oh my god, that's such an unhealthy recipe; there's no way I would cook/serve/eat that, so not this time.

This year, I'm keeping it much leaner and healthier. Right now the unhealthiest thing on the menu is the stuffing and the mayo for the deviled eggs. The really deadly part will be the dessert. I'm keeping it very simple for the dinner party, but holiday treats that I'm baking for others means that temptation will be lingering somewhere around the house. At least it's for other people so the food will be out of the house quickly.

I'm pleased with my menu. Most of the stuff is from my regular dinner rotation. I'm just adding a small twist to keep it festive. The only issue I need to look out for is overeating, but I'm hoping that just putting one serving on my plate will help me avoid that obstacle!


  1. Are you hosting intimate or a huge gathering this year? P.S. Don't forget the whipped cream:)

  2. Sounds like you have everything under control! I hope it all goes perfectly.

  3. including things from your regular dinner plans is a great idea :)

  4. This is beautiful.Happy holiday thanks

  5. It is funny how things change the more you are aware of what is actually in i am still amazed at the calories in some of my old favorites. We had one Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house and one at mine. I think the biggest difference for me this Thanksgiving is that I really focused on adding in my favorite healthy foods. I had a big salad with yummy fresh veggies, and then someone brought a veggie tray and I made light dip. I didn't care about what deserts I made for everybody else, but I took extra effort to make sure that I had something yummy that I liked. I found these great cake pops that were just enough chocolate cake to satisfy. I was able to stay in my calorie range all week. It felt great. So glad I found your blog. I can't wait to read more.


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