Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pre-Vacation Freak Out

First of all, I am beyond excited to be getting out of Kuwait for the majority of the summer. Temperatures are already in the mid-40's early in the day going up to the mid-50's (110-125 deg F). It's insane. Add that to the crazy driving and I tell you, I've had it.

I'm super-excited and nervous about my upcoming trip. Packing has been a challenge. How do you pack for a 6-week trip in just one suitcase? So far I'm doing ok, but I'm not done yet ... and though I set my gym stuff aside first, it hasn't gone into the case yet. I think I may actually need a separate suitcase/bag for just my gym gear. I know that I'll be getting workouts in because I've signed up for a few different training sessions already. It feels strange packing my Gi -- never in a million years did I think I would ever be packing a Gi, but here I am, preparing to get down and dirty on the mats in the States :) [I've also packed my hand wraps, a mouth guard, and of course my jump rope.]

Whenever I travel I feel like I'm put to the test as to whether or not the changes I've made have indeed resulted in me living a healthy lifestyle. Not just a temporary healthy phase leading up to a weigh in, a workout, or a monthly goal. Being able to stick to good habits and make healthy choices when I'm away from my home, away from my comfort zone, and away from my routine (no matter how chaotic it normally is) feels frightening.

At the same time, I feel like this is a challenge, and it's a challenge that I want to win. I want to prove to myself that I can have a fabulous holiday and come back having lost weight. I don't want to just maintain. I want to come back lighter than when I left.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm putting a bit of pressure on myself. In my mind I believe I have made the change, but I really want my actions to pull through. The only thing I'm worried about is my sweet tooth. That being said, I know my tastes have changed quite a bit (a post on that will be coming shortly)  ... we'll see.

Ok, the main things I'm freaking out about:
1. Packing what I need for 6 weeks but still packing light (as light as possible)
2. Being away from home for that long (even though I love to travel, I haven't been away for such a long period of time in about 8 years)
3. Will I be able to balance working out and having fun? I did alright last year in Italy. I know I just have to be sensible. Feeling deprived doesn't come into my mind anymore (a post on that coming shortly as well), but still ... I wonder if I will be able to be as disciplined as I am at home.
4. Controlling my snacking -- I think while I'm at my destinations, I'll be fine ... it's just the 18 hours on the plane, the long hours in the car during road trips ... when I think back to my previous road trips (many years ago) I just picture bags of chips and bars of chocolate plus soda in the car. I know I won't be doing that. I just hope that if somehow the 'one one hurt' thought does creep in that I am indeed able to keep it at one and no more. We'll see. The flight should actually be ok. Nowadays you can give your preferences to the airline beforehand, and they cater to all sorts of diets - gluten free, diabetic, vegan ... so those options are much safer than the sodium-laden pastas that are often served.

Perhaps I'm over-thinking things. It helps just to write it all out.

I've been in contact with some Jiujitsu/MMA training centers as well as some CrossFit boxes. Right now it looks like I'll be able to do at least 1 session of each in each city I'm visiting. I'm excited!

My ultimate goal: Lose at least 2 kg (4.5 lb) over the next 6 weeks. I will come back lighter than I'm leaving. I will. I will. I will.

Packing update:
I managed to pack all my clothes (including the traveling tapestry, which is heavy!) in one suitcase, with 3 kg. of weight to spare ... however, I had to pack a separate bag with all my gym stuff - 14 kg (31 lb) worth! It's not ideal, but it's important to me.


  1. Have an awesome vacation!!!

  2. I always wondered how people handled that heat--before air conditioners! Augh! I feel like screaming at people when it hits 90 degrees F.

    Have a wonderful trip. You probably do have to try a small dessert or two during the trip, right? Have fun in the U.S. kicking A$$ in the gym. :D

    :-) Marion

  3. I'm great at packing to move from one place to another but not so good at packing for a trip. I always want to take too much but I always limit myself to one bag so it does take planning.

    Have a wonderful trip. I think we'll be wanting to escape the heat too if it doesn't cool down a bit in Arizona.

  4. Have a great vacation:) Be safe!

  5. Hope you have a great time on your vacation!

  6. Safe travels, PP!!!

    I'm of no help with "packing light" -- as a zodiac Crab, I have this innate need to take everything with me wherever I go, and even an overnight trip involves wayyyyyy too much baggage! :) "Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it" -- I take it a little too far.

    Hope you hook up with some great gyms and enjoy all your visits wherever the weeks take you!

  7. 115 wow!, that's hot. Have fun on vacation!


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