Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Alive, Well, and Stressed

Hi!! Just a quick check in because I know I've been MIA for ages now. Everything is fine. The move to London has been keeping me preoccupied. Although I still have several weeks here in Kuwait, the cargo company is sending their packers on Friday -- which means that I need to have the house sorted by then. Not only do I need to figure out what to take, but I also have to figure out what I need here to last me until I leave -- and that I can take with me in my luggage. It's been quite a task.

So it's full on stress mode over here. Things are coming together slowly. It really has been a non-stop task. I'm literally running from room to room to get things done and it's a constant go-go-go from 5:30 a.m. until I collapse.

I think I'll really be relieved after this weekend because once the packers have taken everything, then the decision has been made. I either carry what's remaining with me when I leave or I sell it/donate it before I head out.

On the health and fitness side, things have been ok, but as the move has been approaching, my focus and time allocation towards exercise has been diminishing. It's been 3 weeks since I've hit the gym for a weight training session. The only thing I was focusing on was my MMA training (3 hours on 3 days a week). However, from this week I'm dropping that to just 2 hours -- and after tonight's training session, no gym or anything for me until after the weekend. My 'workout' for the next few days will consist of lifting and moving boxes.

I know that there are plenty of exercises that I can do at home to get in a workout. I'll see. I'm achy and sore all over from everything else that I'm doing. Holding off for a few days to focus on this massive change in my life is alright -- in the meantime, I'm definitely doing what I can to keep my food on track. As tempting as a pre-cooked meal from somewhere might sound (for convenience), I've still been cooking. My crockpot has been a saving grace for me these past few days!!

In other news, my Kajukenbo coach is away for a competition and he left me and another student (senior in ranking to me) in charge of the class while he's away. We ran a great class together last week. However, this week she was unable to make it, so I got to run my first class on my own! It went well & I definitely enjoyed it :)

Ok. That's it from me. Next update on Monday. Hope everyone has been doing well.

after Kajukenbo class last week

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  1. Hope the packing goes well! Kind of awesome that they're moving you. That makes it SO much easier! :)

    Congratulations on running the class! Power feels good. :) I'm sure you rocked it.


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