Monday, December 1, 2014

Hello December!

Here we are ... the last 31 days of the year. I can't believe it! When I look back on the past 11 months, a lot has happened. It's actually overwhelming to me to think of everything that has happened this past year ... but I am feeling truly blessed and happy.

Now that Thanksgiving is over and the leftover food is either packed up, given away, or thrown out, I am focusing on getting staying focused over the next few weeks. It will definitely be a challenge as there are many social events, in fact more social events over the next month than there have been in the entire time that I've been in London!! My focus on those occasions will definitely be on the company vs. the food. I've eaten enough good food. I have no cravings for anything ... and I think that's a great way to approach this food-focused festive season!

My goals for the month:
- Not gain any weight!!
- Continue to follow the basic guidelines of my 50 Day challenge -- I've been ok with most things but my tracking has been terrible. I need to refocus on that.
- I'm putting my muay thai on hold for the next 2 months while I focus on building a bit more muscle and improving my Jiu-Jitsu techniques.
- Blog and comment on blogs regularly.
- Work on my flexibility daily.

I'm starting the month eager and optimistic -- and I hope I end the month (and year) successfully!!


  1. thats the problem with December it ends up being the most social month of the year lol. good luck navigating your way around it, I know its going to be difficult for me but like you I agree its about the company not the food. I'd rather have something healthy and yummy then something yummy and I feel bad for days afterwards having eaten.

    1. I totally agree! Good luck navigating through the month! :)

  2. Good to know someone else is struggling with the tracking lol. Good luck with this months goals.

    1. Despite my best intentions --- tracking is still so tough!!


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