Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015!!

Happy new year everyone!

I have 2 main focuses for this year:

1) Positivity
When I look back at the events of 2014, particularly the things that have been happening around the world, I see so much negativity, tragedy, negativity, and intolerance ... it's depressing. I don't know how I can make an impact on a large scale, but I do want to make an effort to have a more positive, happy outlook on things which I hope will spread to others.

In a way I feel like I already started this when the decision to move to London was made. I knew my life would be different here, but I chose not to think of the things that would be more 'difficult' than they were in Kuwait and instead focus on the adventure and take pleasure in the newness of things. It's worked wonderfully for me. I want to continue this positive attitude and be more conscious of living in the now and being happy and hopeful.

2) Balance
Over the past four years, I have been playing around with my food and fitness regimes - figuring out what works, what hasn't worked, what I enjoyed etc. I feel like I've finally arrived at the right combination. This year will be about implementing it within my life. In the past, because I wanted to do it ALL, I found that I just couldn't keep up with my schedule. I knew better, but I was a bit too ambitious and it left me feeling frustrated. This year, I'm keeping things simple and focused so that I make sure that my efforts lead to positive results.

I have my usual goals related to fitness and living a healthy lifestyle, but I don't see them really as new years resolutions as they've been the same focuses I've had for the past few years. They are already part of my lifestyle -- now it's all about tweaking my habits and being a bit more disciplined.

Both my discipline and balance will already be challenged in January as I prepare for a trip to Los Angeles at the end of this month for the Instructor Certification Program at the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu head office. I'm really excited but also quite nervous.

Travel is tough for both my fitness and food routines. However, I'm hoping that wanting to do really well in terms of performance at the academy will help me keep focused on my food until I travel (as well as during my trip). Plus, given that I am actually going to a Jiu-Jitsu academy, I know that I'll be training regularly so that should help.

In addition, the Whole Life Challenge begins on the 17th so I will have that structure to help keep me on track with my food. It'll definitely be tricky this time because I'll be away from home where I have control over my food, but I've managed before so I'm remaining optimistic that I'll succeed again. Also, this time, instead of doing the strictest level, I'm doing the intermediate level of the challenge which gives me a bit of leeway in terms of foods I can/can't have.

I don't really have specific plans for January. I know what I need to do so it's just about doing it. I am basically sticking to the guidelines that I set up for the 50 Day Challenge. I figure, until I can get the basics down without faltering, why add more?

In addition to these basic parameters, I want to:
1. Do 3 weight training sessions a week
2. Stretch daily
3. Follow the Gracie Diet parameters of leaving at least 4 1/2 hours between meals, no desserts, and following their food combination criteria ... This will be the most challenging, but I'll give it my best shot.
4. Blog regularly (3-4 posts a week)

In final news, in the interest of sharing my experience being a female practitioner of Jiu-Jitsu, I have launched a Jiu-Jitsu specific blog. Please do take a moment to check it out and do spread the word :) You can find it at:

Wishing you all a wonderful 2015!


  1. Happy New Year A! You sound ready and rarin' to go. :-)

  2. Hope 2015 find you happy, healthy & prosperous! Continue to kick some booty!


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