Monday, June 15, 2015

Açai Smoothie

Açai is a berry that grows in the Brazilian rainforests. Having roots in Brazil, the Açai bowls and smoothies are popular among the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community. It's something that I have become quite fond of! You can read more about the berry here.

Açai berries are normally found in frozen fruit packs. Some of those fruit packs contain additives and preservatives, so when you're looking for one, make sure to read the ingredients so that you find one that has just the frozen berries with no additives.

There are many fruit combinations you can have to create an Açai bowl/smoothie. I keep mine quite simple though. However, by adding 3 bananas to it (yes, I know, 3!!), it becomes quite filling and is the perfect breakfast or post-workout meal.

açai, bananas, grapes, and raisins - pure and simple 

blended in a glass

poured into a bowl and topped with some homemade granola

1 Açai pack
3 bananas
1 cup of frozen red grapes (I wash them right after buying and then put them in the freezer so they're ready to use)
1/4 cup raisins (rinsed)

1. Slightly thaw the Açai pack and then add to a blender/smoothie maker
2. Add the remaining ingredients and blend.

I sometimes sprinkle coconut flakes on top or some of my homemade granola.


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