Monday, January 6, 2014

Putting the Plan into Action

I had good time this morning as I researched different yoga poses to do for the Make a Change challenge. I came across the website Yoga Journal and spent ages browsing through the links. The site is terrific. It breaks down the poses by type and then for each type it gives you a variety of exercises with their explanations. I knew of a lot of the poses, but seeing them on the screen really helped me put together a plan of different yoga poses that I want to practice while my wrist heals.

Having my list as well as the MMA drills that I wanted to practice (bjj, kajukenbo, and kickboxing skills) made it much easier for me to get on the mat and actually workout. I hope that this will be enough to get me through the next 2 weeks while I'm away.

I leave for the airport in 2 hours -- time to get everything else sorted!



  1. Baz Luhrman- wear sunscreen. Such a great song with beautiful advice. "Don't look at beauty magazines, they will only make you feel ugly."

  2. Have a great trip. I think when a person is very focused, you can't possibly think of that others think. You live the moment. :D

  3. Have a wonderful trip!!! And I love Yoga, altho I dont know many of the poses. This is wonderful!! THank you!!


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