Monday, October 6, 2014

Down with the Flu

I have barely moved since Friday. I felt a cold coming on since earlier last week, but it all really hit me on Friday morning ... I've improved slightly in that every single inch of my body doesn't hurt, but other than that I'm still sniffling, coughing, and feeling blah in general.

Quick (belated) review of September:

Looking back on my September goals I did ok. I definitely could have done better.
Mind: I finished my book submission chapter & I read Zen in the Martial Arts
Body: I completed only 8 lifting sessions; I chose to skip a few in order to be rested for my blue belt test; I did my HIIT sessions as well as my BJJ sessions and definitely hit 27 total workouts even though my step count didn't come close to 65,000 per week (mainly coz' a lot of my sessions, e.g. yoga and weight lifting are intense but don't require a lot of steps)
In terms of food I've been doing great.
Soul: I'm really happy I've been able to incorporate 3 1-hour yoga sessions a week plus do daily stretching
Life: Shelving is up -- and that's about it!

I didn't count on so much of my life coming to a standstill as I worked on my writing. For about 10 days I barely did anything aside from workout for an hour or two and then stay glued to my desk. I was not too thrilled about that, but it's my fault for not working on my chapter from beforehand.

October has started off slow for me, particularly since I haven't been well.

I've decided to take the next few days off from any major workouts - just some basic exercises until I feel better. After that I think I'll be able to better focus on my goals for the rest of the month.

Two photos from my Blue Belt Test drills 

preparing to defend against an aggressive opponent

going for an armbar


  1. Flu is never good. Stay hydrated and catch up on sleep. Wishing you well.

  2. I hope you get better real soon, if you aren't. Were you able to succeed with your blue belt test?

    1. Thank you! It's taking a while, but I'm getting there.
      I will post soon about my test results :)


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