Wednesday, October 22, 2014


This week's lifestyle focus of the Whole Life Challenge is to smile at at least 3 people you don't normally smile at (e.g. not smiling at your family members, best friend, etc.) I love this 'challenge' because I love to smile. Ever since I moved to London, part of getting comfortable in my new surroundings has been to not shy away from making eye contact with others and to just smile. I say hello and good morning to random people and I've always got a favorable response. I like the idea of doing what you can to spread good cheer -- with tragedies and bad news happening way too often in every corner of the world, I think we should definitely smile whenever we get a chance!

I've definitely been smiling a lot lately as I've been making good progress towards my goals. Well, in terms of actual results, the numbers may not be adding up. However, I am 100% pleased with my effort and am confident that the numbers will catch up in due time. It's just about trusting the process, being patient, and keeping on pushing forward.

Some things I smiled about over the past few days:

Managing 3 really good low and slow back squats at 90 kg (198 lbs) - wish I had a photo of me actually doing the squats!

Being awarded my Blue Belt in Jiu-Jitsu -- I'm the first female to reach this rank at the club!

I made a {if I do say so myself} really yummy lemon and date 'cake' - gluten free, sugar free. 
Will share the recipe soon.

Getting a handle on my weekend food prep.

A perfectly timed belated birthday present of a fab new foam roller -- much needed after doing 4 workouts on Tuesday! 

Smile - spread the cheer!


  1. I've never tried foam rolling before, but I've heard people tell of it's wonders.

    I love smiling at random people. Always catches them off guard. ;)

  2. I'm with you on dialing in the process and trusting that the results will follow.

    1. It's a whole other level of discipline …


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