Thursday, October 23, 2014

Working without Numbers - Part 1

I weigh myself daily. I know that there are a lot of discussions out there about how often you should weigh yourself and the pros and cons of whatever decision you make.

I've decided to weigh myself on a daily basis. However, it's taken quite a bit of discipline not to let the numbers get the best of me. I've seen major weight fluctuations with the span of just 1 day - one morning I wake up weighing X and the next day I'm up almost 2 kg, despite eating clean and working out. The following day I could be down 1/2 a kilo (it always goes on faster than it comes off, doesn't it?!), and then after another 3 days it could be 2 kilos lighter.

It is so frustrating!

That being said, I still like to weigh myself daily because it allows me to check myself. If I have a weight gain, even if it's 100 grams, I focus on what choices I make during the day to ensure that I stay on track and not contribute to the weight gain. Does it always work? No.

The real discipline comes from not letting those numbers get the best of you.

In the end, it's a long process. You've got to trust that the results that correspond to your effort will eventually come.

It's not easy. However, I am getting better at it.

By tracking daily, I have come to realize how big my weight fluctuations can be. I could steadily gain weight over a period of 2 weeks only to see it all come off with a bit extra over the span of 2 days.

The key is to just keep diligently working towards your goals.

I know that in the past I would get frustrated and think - Seriously? I gained weight? What was the point of skipping dessert if I was going to gain weight anyway?!

This type of mentality is dangerous to have. I think that's why the end goal shouldn't be solely on weight loss but rather living a healthier lifestyle.

Weight lifting definitely helped me change my attitude because after several months of really good weight lifting, I began to realize even though I was either weighing the same and often more, my body shape was changing and I was losing inches, even if I wasn't losing pounds.

I had to change my perception of weight and my attitude towards the numbers.

I knew that being stuck in that negative head space wasn't going to do me any good at all.
It's still tough for me to see a gain on the scale, but after moping for a bit, I shrug it off and get back to doing whatever needs to be done to keep working towards my goal.

After all, my overall goal is to be healthy and fit -- with or without the corresponding numbers, that is my end goal. Hopefully the numbers on the scale/body measurements will eventually catch up.

The bottom line: Know your goals. Figure out what you need to do to achieve them. Keep working towards them, and don't let the numbers on the scale hold you back. 


  1. Great post and very true! Even though it seems counter intuitive, I have found that by weighing daily, I get less emotional by the number than if I weigh less often

    1. It's about finding that balance ...


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