Friday, August 2, 2013

Hoosick Falls Update Part 1

Hoosick Falls -- that's right, Hoosick Falls, NY. 

Have you heard of it? Are you wondering what in the world drove me to go to Hoosick Falls? 

It's definitely a place I never thought I would have gone. However, my best friend from college (met her the day my parents left me in Rochester, NY) lives there. Although I've seen her almost every time I've come to the States, this was the first opportunity after 7 years that we were getting the chance to spend a week together for some non-stop catching up. It was a fabulous week. I had some true R&R time. As much as I've loved working out and trying new things, taking a break from it all also felt good. 

I also got the chance to bond with her 6 month old baby. Now, I'm not an ooh-aah type of baby person. In fact, I'm not too fond of being around them at all. However, her daughter was totally adorable & I had an amazing time. 

Aside from two 3-mile walks, I didn't exercise that week. However the big difference was that except for one day, we ate super-super clean. It was such a welcome relief from all the restaurant eating of the past month! 

Mid-week I took a peek at the scales ... Lets just say I'm very, very happy. I'm really close to my -5 lb goal post-vacation ... We'll just have to wait until I 'officially' weigh in on August 12th :) 

As a side note: August 2 is a significant day for me as it marks the anniversary of the Iraq invasion of Kuwait in 1990 -- a day that really changed me life. If you're interested, you can read my blogpost on it from 2 years ago - - 

Reading that post again makes me very emotional. There's so much that I didn't write, 
but I remember it all so well. The thoughts and memories just come flooding in. 

Anyway. Here I am, 23 years later -- feeling very blessed and grateful. 


  1. Oh my has been 23 years!?! Thankfully you are here, alive and thriving among the living! Congrats on experiencing your healthy vacation in the U.S.A.

  2. Nope, I've never heard of Hoosick Falls but I should have. When we lived in Rutland, Vermont, we used to go to Glens Falls, NY to shop and it is only 40 miles from that town. Your trip seems to be going well which is great. :)


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