Monday, August 26, 2013

Blogging and Decluttering

I never thought I'd be writing a 645th post -- but here I am. I'm so glad I've stuck to blogging even though there have been periods of silence. I know that blogging daily isn't 'necessary', but I do feel it helps me work on untangling some of my thought processes. Plus remembering that I'm writing a health and fitness blog helps keep me in check with my actions in terms of exercise and food!

This morning I sat down and looked at my blog reading list. I noticed that there were several (I'm talking around 30) bloggers who hadn't posted in over six months; some hadn't posted in over a year. There were also some bloggers that I had in my bookmarks list but not in my blog roll. I didn't even know I had that discrepancy. I was so happy to read quite a few success stories and several that were still working hard to stay on track and keep moving forward. At the same time, out of the bookmarked blogs (I think there were around 150!), about 70 hadn't posted in over six months. It just goes to show how time-consuming blogging can be. So, I've cleaned up my blog roll - deleted the ones that haven't posted in ages, added a few new ones, and incorporated those that I thought were already on my list.

I try to be regular in my reading and commenting, but that also takes time. However, I am working on it!

I don't always get around to replying to comments bloggers leave after my posts, but I really, really, really appreciate the comments and encouragement. It's what keeps me moving forward. I'm going to try to get better at doing that too.


I've talked about de-cluttering many times. I feel like getting rid of my 'stuff' - the actual stuff around me - has been both a cathartic process as well as a symbolic one. Before I used to hide behind my things (especially my shoes). I found satisfaction in shopping (in excess) and building comfort around me by surrounding myself with things I loved, or at least things that I thought I loved (and needed).

As I've been dropping weight, I've also had an easier time dropping the excess stuff. I feel like I've been de-cluttering for months (and I have). Each time I've been getting more ruthless - no, I don't need that. No, I won't wear that. No, that just doesn't have a place in my life anymore.

It's felt great. I'm still continuing. This summer was a huge success. I took 4 suitcases full of clothes for charity. I also got rid of 60 pairs of shoes and 40 handbags. It felt great. I was holding on to so many of these things ... for what purpose, I don't know. Now I'm finding it much easier to let go.

I feel bad that I wasted money on buying so much. It's the same way that I feel bad when I think about how much time I wasted not exercising or eating right. I'm not dwelling on it, but I'm using those feelings to remind myself of where I want to go ... and how I don't want to be anymore.

It's been a rewarding process.

The goal is - keep things (including people) that are useful and positive in your life & drop what isn't useful or helping you reach your goals.


  1. I'm still working on ridding myself of certain blouses and pants that are now too big. I like them!!! And I am going to try to sew in a few of my favorite blouses. But really, I look better in shorts and a t-shirt than what I used to look like in my favorite outfits because nothing looks as good as slim and fit. And a person cannot disguise 30 to 40 pounds of extra weight with pretty clothes, like I used to attempt--with epic failure. :D

    1. That's so true. I definitely hid behind my clothes, and more so, behind my heels. They'd always get people to pay more attention to my feet than the rest of me. Now I'm trying not to hide as much :)

  2. I read your blog for motivation because your life is so active. Also you are the most consistent person I know of to reply to bloggers. Lastly, keep on kicking (martial arts style)

    1. Thanks Marc! I appreciate your comments :)
      I'm definitely gonna keep on kicking!

  3. Congratulations on your 654th post!

    I usually clean/declutter my closets with every season, but I can't say I've ever decluttered my blogroll. It's a great idea!

    1. I'm trying to focus on what I need/can use right now, and I'm trying to apply that to all areas of my life. I didn't realize that there were so many potential de-cluttering zones :)

  4. congratulation on keeping up with your blog so regularly :), sometimes it does get difficult to keep up. I love your new goal of keeping only the positive and useful things in your life..


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