Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New York City Update Part 2

This is my final week in the States. I have mixed feelings about leaving. Part of me is more than ready to go home. However, another part has been thoroughly enjoying being on vacation and really making the most of my time here.

My final week consisted of more reunions with friends from college, lots of walking, some more training at Renzo Gracie's Fight Academy, and lots of shopping.

The thing I've enjoyed the most about being on holiday has been the daily walking. We just don't walk in Kuwait. The weather and the landscape is just not built for it. We drive ridiculously short distances. Here, however, I haven't thought twice about going to a store or some place that's a mile or two away. Part of it is probably that I'm not in a rush, but I know that because others around me are walking as well, it doesn't feel like I'm the only one. Walking is easy. It has definitely helped me stay fit while on vacation. I've needed it to cancel off my not so clean meals.

That's another thing -- I'll really be happy going back to my kitchen. As 'fun' as it may sound to some people - not having to cook for 6 weeks and eating out for each meal - it has been tough as I'm still determined to see a loss of 5 lb when I weigh in on August 12th!


  1. Hi Plum - I've never been to Kuwait, but I have been to Dubai. I can understand your not walking a one or two to get anywhere. That heat will melt you:) The only walkers I witnessed were the ones that stepped out of their Mercedes to shop for gold jewelry. Oh...and in the malls, but that walking was more of a stroll.

  2. Hi Ayesha! Well, it's too bad your vacation is ending, but I do look forward to your kick-ass exercise posts again. :D

  3. six weeks of no cooking sounds fun but I not having complete control also gets to me...every time I go back home I am because I won't be spending time in the kitchen but a few days in I'm struggling not to step in the kitchen


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