Thursday, June 12, 2014

Back at the Gym!

How is it Thursday already???

It has been a busy, busy week - more furniture deliveries, more appointments, more errands ... but my biggest achievement this week was finally joining a gym!

As I mentioned a couple of times in my recent blog posts, there's a little gym close to my house. It's nothing fancy at all, but it's got everything I need.

What makes me happiness is that the first thing I see when I enter is a couple of boxing bags and several tires -- how perfect for me!

So, on Monday and Tuesday I went to the gym early in the morning. Early mornings really do work best for me, especially because at the moment I'm not working so I have no job to anchor my daily routine. It's so darn easy to just get stuck on the couch watching episodes of Come Dine with Me and Hoarders (2 shows that I've been watching a bit too much lately!). Anyway. On those two days I kind of just warmed my body up to doing exercise again - dynamic stretches, weights, some cardio, and then a cool down. I did my usual weights routine but with lighter weights than normal. It just felt good to get back in the gym.

Although I had my basic routine, I wanted something a bit more - so I decided to meet up with a personal trainer. I had my personal training session today. When I told the trainer about my normal routine, she was a bit unsure as to what to do with me. She said that I already had a good routine and that I looked like I knew what I was doing (which is the same comment the owner of the gym made the first day I went to workout). I told her I did know what I was doing, but I wanted something a bit more. I feel like she was a bit hesitant to give me something too challenging. I know she was getting to know me and she really didn't know my background so she needed to be cautious, but when she handed me a 4 kg dumbbell I had to kind of giggle as I handed it back and told her that I needed something heavier.

My main goals at the moment are to build up my strength so that it's back to where it was when I was doing CrossFit. I know it'll take some time, but I need to be sure I'm working in an environment that will support my desire to lift heavy (eventually). They definitely encourage weight lifting so that's not an issue, but I have a feeling that if they saw me load up the squat rack with 80 kilos (175 lbs), they'd freak out. Anyway.

She gave me some new challenging exercises to do and I'm happy to incorporate them into my routine. I was a bit surprised that she only gave me one routine - I'm used to doing 2-3 different routines a week partly to keep challenging myself but also to keep me from being bored. I think I'm going to take what she's given me and continue my own routine.

In addition to joining the gym, I went and checked out London Shootfighters - one of the top MMA gyms in London. Wow! I was so impressed. I didn't join them, but I did hang around for a couple of hours and watch a class plus watch some of their fighters train. Seriously jaw dropping amazement at the calibre of these fighters -- and this was just practice! The trainers were great - very warm and welcoming. I had such a great time.

As much as I would like to immediately jump in and join, I'm not 100% sure about it at this time. There are a few issues - particularly the commute there. Plus I'll be traveling soon so I don't know if I want start paying only to miss 3 weeks ... but it's something that I'm seriously considering. At least I checked it out and I know what I want to work towards -- very exciting stuff :) In the meantime, check out this fight featuring Michael Page (one of the guys I watched train at the gym) -- amazing!


  1. You just reminded me about my boxing bag in the garage! I'm such a dork. We only bought that bag last year. And I forgot already...


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