Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cooking Adventures

One of the things I have loved the most about moving to London is the groceries. I know that sounds weird, but the local produce in Kuwait was of questionable quality, and the imported goods were rather expensive. However, more than the cost, imagine how much freshness is lost after the produce has been packaged and shipped from abroad -- by the time it has docked in the ports, been cleared through customs, and shelved in the supermarket, you can imagine the state it is in …

Here, I have 4 different supermarkets within a ten minute walk. I have a local butcher just a few minutes away. I am thrilled!

Now I know that all the labels and marketing - fresh! no preservatives! 100% natural! organic! - can be misleading, but I finally have so many items to choose from. All the labels are in English and the nutritional values are clearly marked. It's been fab!

Here are a few things I've cooked for dinner recently - recipes to hopefully follow soon:

simple chicken stir-fry 
chicken breast, onions, a variety of bell peppers, and peas 

almond crusted cod with roasted vegetables
(a recipe to add to my whole life challenge stock)

my post-workout omelet with tomatoes and half an avocado 

this is my favorite dinner so far -- baked salmon with broccolini, carrots, sugar snap peas, and mushrooms stuffed with tomato ratatouille 

I'm having so much fun grocery shopping and cooking these yummy meals! I think I need to start trying some new fruits and vegetables. There are quite a few things in the produce aisle that I've never tried. It's time to be adventurous -- and keep it healthy!


  1. All of your meals look delicious! Are you coming up with the recipes yourself, or following something?

  2. That all looks great (well, except the avocado, which I don't care for). I will forward to seeing your recipes if you post them.

  3. Those look delicious! Enjoy.

  4. all of your meals looks delicious :)

  5. I often forgot how much I actually enjoy cooking. Looks good!


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