Tuesday, August 26, 2014


It's been raining buckets here in London. I mean serious, serious rain. I used the rain as an excuse to catch up on some much needed rest yesterday, but today I soldiered through ... packed a spare pair of sneakers and another set of clothes in my gym bag, picked up my umbrella, and headed off for the gym.

I was sure that our coach wouldn't hold MetaFit outside. I mean, it was raining after all.

Silly me.

Push ups, squat jumps, plank, etc. etc. You name it, we did it - out in the rain.

I have to admit, they were right. After the first 10 minutes you're drenched with a combination of sweat and rain and it really doesn't matter anymore.

Anyway. Since a number of members at the gym had been nominated to do the Ice Bucket Challenge, our coach decided to help us out after class.

I didn't think it would matter so much because I was already wet, but boy was I wrong. It was FREEZING! You can't see the lumps of ice fall on my head, but trust me, they were there!

I know a lot of people think the challenge is stupid and there is a lot of criticism out there about the challenge. Well, you decide for yourself. In my opinion, anything that raises awareness of any type of charity is good. At the very least, we had a good laugh.

If you've got time, pop over to my Whole Life Challenge blog and read my post about chasing perfection -- and while you're over there, think about joining me in the challenge as well!


  1. Good on you for accepting the challenge!

  2. I'm impressed you made it to class. I probably would of stayed home because of the weather. I did a Whole Life Challenge earlier this year and was thinking of doing it again.

    1. I used the rain as an excuse on Monday. I couldn't do it again on Tuesday ... it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be :)


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