Saturday, August 23, 2014


I joined MyFitnessPal about 1 month ago (you can add me: PlumpetalsFit) and I have to say, I quite like it. I don't completely rely on the numbers they give in terms of calories consumed (I overestimate) and especially not on calories burned (I underestimate), but I do like the fact that it is easy for me to track and I can get an approximation of how many calories I have consumed.

My main meals have been good; however, I still struggle with snacking. Even if I snack on 'healthy' foods - such as nuts or dates, they still have a lot of calories and are ranked high on the GI index. I really need to get a hold on that.

As I prepare for both the upcoming week and the Whole Life Challenge (which starts on September 13th and I urge you to virtually join me for the challenge - read more about it here), my main goal is to avoid snacking and divide my proper meals into smaller portions. When I was on the challenge, I was a lot better at doing this. I would make a bigger portion of lunch or dinner and then I would divide it into two. I'd eat one part for dinner and the other part the next day for lunch - sometimes even for breakfast!

Adjusting the way I thought about meals, e.g. a snack doesn't have to be carrots and hummus or some fruit, it can actually be a smaller meal, helped me eat in a way that was more fulfilling and gave me longer-lasting energy.

It sounds so logical when I typed that out -- why haven't I followed the strategy?!

The thing is, at this point, I really do know better. It's time for me to stop being lazy and just do the things that need to be done.

I know that working out is not enough - I've got to eat right. Eating right 85% of the time isn't cutting it for me. I've got to ramp it up to 95-100% of the time. I know I can do it -- I've just got to get on with it!

So I guess I'm back to my old good habits -- planning, tracking, eating, exercising, drinking water, and sleeping. Gotta get to it!


  1. I find that MyFitness Pal really does help. I am sure it isn't perfect but it gives me a lot of information and helps me stay on track.

    1. I've found it to be quite helpful too! :)


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