Friday, July 29, 2011

If the Shoe Fits ...

I love to shop. I mean I really love to shop. I often go online and just browse through storeafter store, clicking away … and of course there’s the mall. I’m not much of a group/partner shopper as I like to take my time and not feel rushed. I usually find myself picking out a bunch of clothes to try on … and then, that’s when it happens. I look at my reflection and just hate how everything looks. Even if things fit I often feel like they don’t fit right – something just looks odd. Most outfits I think to myself ‘I could never pull this off.’ It doesn’t always stop me from shopping (I mean, I do need clothes for work etc.) but it does dampen my spirits … that is, until I get to a shoe shop. Then, I’m in heaven.

My friends think that I just love shoes and therefore keep buying them, but there’s a much deeper reason to my shoe-addiction. It all has to do with fit. I don’t have to worry about the range of sizes like I do with stores. I know my shoe size. I know which designs are comfortable. I know how to buy shoes, and I feel good in them … and that’s basically the bottom line. I didn’t feel depressed when I walked out of a shoe store because I was size X … It didn’t matter what size it was – because whatever fit looked great.

Many of my friends think that I’m too hard on myself. It’s nice of them to say so, but the problem is, it doesn’t matter unless I believe it for myself. Overcoming the internal negative thoughts is tough work – no matter how much I sweat it out at the gym I cannot escape those

thoughts. I hope that one day I’ll be able to. I think those negative voices have definitely

quieted down … it’s just that they haven’t been replaced by positive thoughts … yet.

So my love of shoes is really the result of a sad story. I don’t know if I’ll ever be happy with the way I look, but I do know that even though I despise the way I look in the mirror, I feel happy and confident when I slip on the perfect pair of heels. With that result, it can’t all be that bad, can it?

Here are my top five pairs of shoes (it was really tough for me to narrow this down!):

The splash of pink in these heels (Nine West) cheers me up.

Dune has become one of my favorite shoe stores in London. I feel in love with this black and white metallic pair.

Here's another funky pair from Dune that I love! I'm usually one that likes things to be coordinated and symmetrical - but I love the fact that each shoe in this pair is a bit different.

My friends usually tease me at the gym - saying I'd wear heels and workout if I could. I joke that if they made trainers in heels I'd be wearing them ... and then I found these! (No, I don't workout in them!) [Made by Ash]

Finally, my absolute favorite pair and most recent purchase designed by United Nude - a work of art in my opinion:

Yes. Until I resolve all those other issues, these shoes will keep me happy indeed.


  1. You're definitely not alone in the fight for confident. Sometimes you have to do whatever you need to to make it easier, and these shoes are a gorgeous way to do it! I know you will soon realize that you are beautiful, regardless of the shoes.

  2. I am in LOVE with these shoes!!

  3. I don't like shopping in general, but I totally understand the shoe vs clothes thing. I feel overwhelmed by clothes but shoes always fit. You are much more fashionable than I am! Are you in London?? I'll be there in a few weeks. I can't wait.

  4. Anonymous1:22 PM

    When we try on shoes, we are just exposing our feet. When we try on clothes, all our body-image issues come into play :-( When I was younger, I thought I was fat, and sometimes would be surprised when I caught sight of a slim, confident looking woman - and it was my reflection in a passing window. Now . . . I remember myself as being slim, and confident, and I am horribly shocked to see a dumpy little woman in the passing windows. Aarrgh!


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