Saturday, October 5, 2013

Health Update

Before starting the Whole Life Challenge, I decided to go to the doctor to get a complete physical as well as complete blood work.

She started with a physical exam. As I was lying on the table and she started to press on my abdomen, I saw an immediate look of concern show on her face. I quickly responded and said, 'I have uterine fibroids.'

She looked completely taken aback and responded, 'but they're so massive.'

It was hard for me to hear, but it's something I already knew.

I feel them all the time. Whenever I wear a dress and see the bulge around my lower abdomen, I get so frustrated because it makes me look like I don't exercise -- but I do! Anyway.

I had to go through the whole explanation again as to what I've been through and where I stand now. She kept saying that it was really, really important for me to get it taken care of. I honestly don't know what to do.

I am kind of ready to start exploring my options for surgical treatment in other countries, but the thought is scary. I don't want to have to go through surgery and recovery again. I just don't. At the same time, I don't want to continue with this pain on a daily basis (it's been quite bad for the past 6 weeks; I have to get back to my acupuncture. I just haven't had time).

Other than the fibroids, my physical health was fine.

My blood work came back and everything was "perfect" (thankfully) except for my iron levels which she said were on the lowest point of the spectrum. This is mainly because of the fibroids. Since I don't want to go on iron tablets (bad side effects), she's told me to try to eat red meat at least 2 times a week. I have no problem with that!

It's a relief to know that there's nothing major wrong. Although I still have this health condition hanging over me, I'm continuing with what I decided to do in November 2011 - do the best I can to be as healthy as I can. It's all I can do right now. I may not have a solution to the fibroid problem, but I know that I can try to get stronger so that my recovery is less painful, and I can continue to eat as healthily as possible so that I minimize other potential complications from the surgery (if there is one).


  1. Hi Plum, I'm sorry you are in pain. I'm not trying to minimalize your health problems, only say this much. About 5 months ago I made fresh spinach and fresh kale my two best food friends. I think that by doing so I helped make my immune system much stronger. I eat fresh spinach and fresh kale by the cups full in fresh vegetable salads every day. What does this have to do with your problem? People were astounded at how quickly I recovered from Hernia surgery. I mean I rebounded back to normal so quickly. I can only give credit to all the healthy greens I've been consuming the past few months. The same with my broken finger. The pain is gone and so is the swelling. I stopped taping it the third day. Again...I believe my immune system is in overdrive. And spinach also has some iron. What I'm saying is if you have surgery, prepping for it nutritionally may help.

  2. Hi Ayesha, i know you are a very strong girl both mentally and as and when you decide to go ahead with surgery i am confident your road to recover will be more comfortable than you imagine :) take care

  3. I had my annual physical recently and I'm all good, except also low iron. I love red meat, but it's hard for me to get it in, or the other food iron options. I went ahead and took a supplement and luckily didn't have any side-effects.

    Hope things work out - it's frustrating being in the position where the current situation isn't good, but the fix has so many concerns as well.

  4. I am glad that everything else is peachy and hope that the solution that comes is an "easy as possible" one. I think you are doing a great job staying healthy to make sure everything will be smoother :D

  5. Hi A! I remember when I was one of your only followers and you went through all of your pre-op, surgery, and post-op. As well as just not feeling very optimistic about life, given all of the health problems. Even if you ever had more surgery--you are so much stronger(!!!) as a person to handle things. You've grown so much internally. People think it's mostly fitness, but I remember way back then. You took a very bad situation and triumphed over it. <3 to you. :D

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