Monday, October 21, 2013


I've been sick.

I started feeling ill about 2 weeks ago, and then it really settled in right after my birthday ... and it continued to get worse until it developed into bronchitis. I had a high fever that I couldn't shake for about 5 days. I was exhausted and doing really poorly.

I'm half way through a course of antibiotics. I'm improving, slowly but surely.

Just wanted to check in. I haven't been online since the 12th.

I'm going to try to go out for a walk today. Lately walking up even 1 flight of stairs has left me breathless for several minutes - it's been really depressing.


  1. I am so sorry to hear that you have been sick. I hope you get better each day, and get back to your normal schedule. Take care.

  2. When you feel better, be sure to eat healthy to feed your body the nutrients it needs for repair. Hope you are well soon:)

  3. Youll be amazed how fast you bounce back!!! Im sure your body was exhausted from all the company etc.... hoping you feel better soon!!!

  4. So sorry to hear you're sick. Take good care of yourself, and feel better!

  5. Hoping you are feeling better soon!

  6. hope you get well soon, take care...lots of love


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