Sunday, September 18, 2011

Staying Focused

My medical results from my London check-up arrived in the mail today. I have been trying hard not to think about the fact that I need to have another surgery because I have enough to focus on at the moment. It's hard because I feel the discomfort all the time and the painful abdominal cramps every once in a while - they're not easy to ignore. Then you add the physical evidence of my medical condition [I know I'm being evasive, just don't want to get into it at the moment] and it becomes even tougher to ignore. In any case, I have to push it out of my head. I can't afford further distractions at the moment - the voices in my head are distracting enough!

The report went into a lot of detail about my overall health evaluation and I'm so happy that I've got the results in black and white as well as red, orange, and green. I'm glad that most of my results were in the green (very good), with just a few in the orange (can be managed) and the only thing being in the red was related to my weight. I should be (am) very grateful that the one thing marked in red is actually one thing that I can control. As I bring my weight down, the diabetes risk goes down significantly as well. The fear of getting diabetes (because most of my family members have it) has been a major factor in trying to lose weight.

At a time when I don't want to worry about anything more than I have to I was glad to have my results because it also gave me the chance to focus on the positive aspects. My fitness tests results as I had said before are excellent. I beat all the predictions that they had made for my age, weight, and family history. Plus, since the last body composition analysis I've lost 6 kilos of fat and gained 7 kilos of muscle - that's also helped boost my metabolism. These are all good things.

For now, I have to be satisfied with exercising whenever possible and on days when I can't, just being extra conscious of what I eat. Life happens, there's no avoiding that ... I've become much better at rolling with the punches (and throwing a few of my own) to make sure that I continue to move forward. The only satisfaction I am going to get is from me knowing that I am always trying my best. Anything else - well, that's not even an option.

Keep. Moving. Forward.

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  1. Focus on the positive.
    Be optimistic.
    Be confident.
    Don't worry about things that are out of your control at the moment. Jut focus on what is in front of you.


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