Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Five - Week in Review

Friday Five - hosted by Jessee's Spot

1) What I tried for the first time this week: A Yoga Headstand - with assistance :)
You can read about my first Yoga on the Beach experience here.

2) Where I went this week: My friend Ghadah had the opening of her art show this week.

The two of us at her show.

A close up of my heels - love them, though they are not the most comfortable to walk in!

One of my favorite pieces of the night - The Release

3) What I wore throughout the week: Dropping down another size means a few new outfits. I wore a new outfit to work each day this week. I'm not sure all the styles suited me, but I tried them out.

I never thought I'd wear a dress that was entirely green -- well, I did, and it was actually quite well received! (Espirit)

I bought this green top last week, but the trousers were bought about two months ago, though it was the first day I was wearing them. The trousers were way too long and baggy. After coming home from work I put them straight in the charity bag. They were not comfortable at all! 
(Top: Espirit; Trousers: GAP)

This was such a spring outfit! I loved both the top and the skirt, but I was wearing a tank top underneath that was too big so I didn't feel like the top sat right on me. 
(Top & Skirt from Espirit)

This is a dress that I bought over a year ago, but again, it was the first day I wore it. I never thought I'd wear a print like this. It was actually ok, though I did feel a bit self-conscious about it. Still, it was really comfortable. 
(Dress from Monsoon)

4) What I'm excited and relieved about: My upcoming travel to the States has me feeling quite nervous in terms of sticking to my exercise and eating routine, plus continuing with the Whole Life Challenge! However, today I decided to look up the hotel and I was really thrilled to find something they offered called Lifestyle Cuisine Plus. They cater to all sorts of dietary modifications. I'm hoping that they can help me pack a lunch to take with me to the conference - that would really be amazing. I was pretty sure I'd have some options, but seeing that I have so many makes me feel much, much better!

5) What Quote Inspired Me: I've been in a bit of a funk this week. I've really had to dig deep every day and just keep putting one foot in front of the other. I wholeheartedly believe in pushing forward, but I also think it's ok to step back once in a while and take a moment to breathe, to grieve, to cry, to scream ... but then just get back and keep fighting.


  1. Hi A! Your friend and you look so good together! Talk about gorgeous!

    I have a post on learning how to balance up to headstands. The balancing part is very fun and so interesting. Of course, it would make you slow down from your usual super sonic exercise pace. :D

    :-) Marion

    P.S. Loved your boxing photo too! Probably cuter than you look like when you're actually throwing the punch, which I expect would be scarier at the other end.

    1. Thanks Marion! I do hope I look scarier when I'm actually boxing :)

  2. What an interesting life you have:)

    1. Thanks Marc! It's been an especially interesting week :)

  3. Those shoes are amazing, kinda like you!

    1. Thanks JD. They're one of my favorite pairs!

  4. Whoa, those shoes are crazy! They look great! I dont think I would ever have the right clothes to wear with them. I need to think outside of the box a bit more, and be bold with style. Pretty exciting that your clothes are too big - that's awesome, and that pose on the beach is awesome too! I've heard yoga on the beach helps with some of the harder poses. Where in the states will you be visiting? Thanks for linking up! :)

  5. OHHHHHH I love those shoes! WOW Smokin' hot!

  6. Those shoes are awesome!!! I always like to see posts of what people wore, I need some inspiration!

  7. Oh wow - amazing shoes, and amazing clothes too! That green dress looks wonderful on you - actually, all those outfits did! Too bad about the pants, as the pants and top combo looked very flattering and stylish - but I won't wear clothes that don't fit right either, so I totally get it.

    As for those killer heels... jealous!!


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