Sunday, July 15, 2012

SSSD Update Week 7

This past week has been a big one for me. There were a lot of changes in my routine, and I didn't seem to follow any type of regular pattern at all when it came to eating, sleeping, or exercising - definitely not an ideal situation when it comes to trying to lose weight. Still, life/lemons/lemonade and all that ... After yesterday's little meltdown, I made a few realizations that I hope will help me keep perspective and maybe, just maybe, remain a bit more positive. So here's my update for the week.

SSSD Update 
Challenge for the Week: Eat Vegetarian (can eat fish)
As I said last week, this was a breeze for me because I don't eat chicken/meat anyway. Four years ago I woke up on Thanksgiving morning and decided - I don't want to eat meat anymore. I went ahead and cooked my 28 lb. turkey and I still prepare meat dishes for friends and family, but I don't partake. So, definitely a success for me!

Personal Goals
1. Not to let the stress of not having a fixed routine get me down and lead to bingeing -
This week, I accepted all that was going on around me. I realized that making the most of the last few days with my family were more important than anything else. Food wise, this week wasn't perfect. There were a few off plan meals and there were definitely more sweet treats this week than I would have liked, but no bingeing. 
2. Do at least 5 workouts - I didn't workout at all! Aside from one day when I did a few exercises at home, my week just consisted of running around doing errands and a whole lot of packing! Not exercising for a week isn't normal for me, so I'm not too worried about this though it feels terrible and embarrassing to write!
3. Back to tracking - I did take note of what I was eating, but I know that's not enough. I've got to write my foods down along with their nutritional breakdown. This was also a fail for this week :( 
4. Keep my weight loss goal in mind  - Weight loss is ALWAYS on my mind -- but having this as a goal is mainly to remind me to stay vigilant and remind myself, if I want to fit into that dress, I've got to make sure I make good choices. The only person I'm going to hurt by not working hard towards my goals is myself. I find it easier said than done. I don't know why; it just is ... but I'm trying to keep my focus and make sure my actions reflect my desires. 

Weight update - gained 1.5 lbs! :( 
Fat% - down 1% (perhaps the weight gained = muscle gain?)
Measurement update - mostly the same; a few tiny, tiny changes in some places like my neck and arm ... but the biggest change? 2.5 inches lost around my waist! I'm very happy with that!!

This week's goals
I've got exactly 1 week until I travel to Italy (though my visa hasn't come through yet, so I hope I do make the trip!) so there's a lot I need to do before then.
Challenge for the week - Commit to and sign up for a 5K - I've never done a 5K, but I've already signed up for a 10K that'll be held in October. I can't even run 5K at the moment, so working up to doing 10K is a mega-challenge!!

Personal goals -
1. Get my errands done - tons to do and not much time; going to make my final list today
2. Make a plan for my holiday to help me stay on track and not gain weight (in the land of pizza and pasta ... yikes!)
3. Get at least 5 workouts in & finish Week 3 of C25K!
4. Find a way to stay positive or at least a strategy to help me overcome those moments of negativity and pessimism


  1. Sorry to hear about your gain, but don't let it bog you down. You are doing great and you will reach those goals you are trying to attain this week.

  2. Even though I couldn't comment last week while I was away I totally read everything that was going on every morning. I think you handled the change in routine and the stresses involved really, REALLY well and certainly much better than I would have!
    This week is the week to get back on track and I know you can do it!
    Hooray for C25K!!!!

  3. I don't know why it's so easy for us to let get off schedule sabotage our efforts, but we sure do it and it sure is easy! Not to mention annoying. You'll get back on track- your thinking and determination will help you!

  4. Wow - a 10K? You are motivated! The C25K scares me - but I am committed to give it my best shot!
    I think with so much going on in your life right now, it must be difficult to focus on weight loss. Sometimes I feel like losing weight is a full time job. It really tales so much thought and energy. I commend you for all of your hard work! I know a dedicated girl when I see one! Have a great week!

  5. Will you please share pictures of Italy, please? I would so love to see some normal pictures. It would be so great to go there.
    You are doing fine. Learning along the way there will always be bumps and lumps but you're doing it. You're getting there. Good luck with your 10K. I'm offering a 5K for anyone that wants a virtual one.
    Take care and do have a blessed week!

  6. You DO have a lot going on in your life. Try not to be too hard on yourself. I like the lemons/lemonade analogy. Last week is over, now focus on what you can do this week. Again, be easy on yourself with all that you have to do. Have a great week! Fingers crossed that you get your visa!


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