Sunday, July 1, 2012

Adjusting and SSSD Update

It's July 1st - can you believe it? I really thought I'd have accomplished so much more by this point, but live seems to have thrown me many curveballs. I've been swinging at them to the best of my ability but now I'm really ready for a time out. Actually, what I need is the time to get back to my life and all the plans I had set out for me for this summer.

So, my parents moved into the apartment last night. It all went relatively smoothly though I have to admit it feels a bit strange having them here. Still, it's all good. They're comfortable and that's all that matters to me.

So, it's the beginning of the month. I have just about 3 weeks until I travel again and I have tons to do before then - lots of writing, organizing, dieting, and working out ... feeling stressed again! Will this ever subside? Anyway.

The first thing I did this morning was head to the gym. I needed some time to just focus on myself. As much as I love the CrossFit community and working out as a team, there are some times when I just need some space. I got just that as I put on my boxing gloves and attacked the bag for an hour. It was intense and I loved it! What a great way to relieve some stress!

I followed my boxing with a few assisted pull ups (gotta improve that for CrossFit), some back stretches, and then 2.5 km on the treadmill. I should have done Day 1 of Week 3 of C25K but I was planning on going to the 10 a.m. Zumba class - it wasn't until I just finished my cardio that I found out it was cancelled ... will have to start Week 3 tomorrow. I can't put it off forever!

So, here's my SSSD Challenge update  for week 3:
I weighed in and was exactly the same as 2 weeks ago (didn't weigh in last week). I know I burned lots of calories, but the lack of weight loss just reminds me how important watching what I eat is to actually dropping the pounds.

Drink at least 100 oz. of water - no problem here! I drink tons of water on a daily basis. I have no cravings for any other drink except water. I think I'm lucky in that way as I hear of/read about a lot of people who can't kick the soda (diet or otherwise) habit. I do have a soda once in a while, and by once in a while I mean maybe 4 a year so I never really fret if I have one as 99% of all my other fluid intake is water. I'd say the 1% was comprised of tea/coffee and maybe fruit juice - but I know that I'd much rather eat my (healthy) calories than drink them!

Post a healthy recipe - I posted two this week (cauliflower soup and Mexican bean salad). You can find other links to recipes I've tried and liked over here.

Last week (yes, I'm behind), I didn't really have a new exercise to post, but this week I tried tire flips for the first time, and I loved them!! I also did the CrossFit workouts FRAN and BARBARA for the first time, OMG, tough but fabulous too!

As for this week ... well, I was hoping to have more control over my time/routine/schedule, but it seems like I have even less this week with my parents (who are car-less) are staying at my place. Still, I'll do the best I can. I think the challenge of losing 2 lbs this week is a good one at this point in time because I really, really need to be careful of what I'm eating, how much I'm eating, and of course how much I'm exercising. I know I should be doing that anyway, but let's be honest - maintaining a consistent disciplined routine is hard!

So, this week's goals:
1. Not to let the stress of not having a fixed routine get me down and lead to bingeing
2. Do at least 5 workouts of some sort
3. Back to tracking
4. Keep the 2 lb loss target in mind at all times and think - Do I need to eat that? Can I be moving instead of sitting? - at all times.

I guess no specific goals for this week. I'm just trying to get through this disruption in my routine without adding a disruption to the scale.

Oh, and a reply to those of you who have commented on/emailed about my recent posts --
- Thanks for the best wishes regarding my parents' move!
- I've since added another 5 pairs to my give away collection {grand total of 45}. I know some of your are already surprised at the number ... but I have another 200 in my closet (well, 198 now)! I told you I was a shoe addict!
- I'm glad I'm not alone with my fear and loathing of burpees!!

Have a great week everyone! 


  1. Looks like you know exactly what to do to make week 5 terrific.

    No, the stress never ends. It just comes in different forms. While we can not get rid of the stress in our lives we can meditate how we respond to it. Ou ate doing just that by staying true to your fitness goals.

    best of luck with our new parental room mates. They are lucky to have you. Have a great week 5!

  2. Thanks Michele - I'm trying to go with the flow and not let it take over my life. Fingers crossed it all works out in my favor!

  3. Sooooooo not alone on your fear & hatred of burpees. Was thinking of you today...I had to do 70 of them!!

    I also totally get what you are saying about needing some alone time....CF rocks but it can get intense with all the people and energy. I, too, find myself needing some alone time when it comes to working out.

  4. Oh man... you've got so much going on! Parents, travel, and then trying to keep healthy. You are such a super strong and amazing person! Stick to that routine. I know you can!

  5. You are looking good with those gloves on. That must be some workout. Never tried that before.
    I haven't lost anything in a few weeks either. Hopefully we'll both do better this week!

  6. Great goals for the week. I am jealous of your love for water. I wish I felt the same way. Week #5 is going to be great!! Keep up the good work

  7. I put my C25k off due to the ridiculous humidity around here right now. Holy cow, I can hardly breath walking to the car. LOL I can't believe how busy you are! I know I wouldn't be able to keep up with you!

  8. Oh, I'd love to try the punching bag... some day! You've got so much going on -- Good luck this week!


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