Monday, May 13, 2013

Chasing Endorphins

Am sitting here at my desk after CrossFit, still sweaty, arms still shaky and sore, and feeling totally satisfied. I tell you, there is something about CrossFit that gives you a different type of endorphin high. I mean, I get an endorphin high after all my workouts, but there's something different about CrossFit. I think a lot of it has to do with being able to track your progress. I think that's why I like lifting weights in general - when you see your improvements especially lifting more weight, you feel even more empowered and stronger. It's a great feeling. At CrossFit, when you finish a WOD you know that you've been challenged and that you survived. You give it your all, and it's ok if you're slow, just as long as you're doing the best you can. Slowly but surely you will improve. You just have to keep pushing yourself. That's another great thing about the CrossFit box - both the coaches and your teammates also push you and encourage you to do better ... to do your best. It's a great feeling. I left CrossFit today with a smile on my face, and it's still there :)

what's written on the wall as you enter our CrossFit Q8 box

Today's workout at CrossFit Q8 was Fran (21, 15, 9 reps of thrusters (30kg) and pull ups (still using a band but getting better) followed by 100 burpees for time (I finished in 9 min 36 seconds).

My afternoon workout was much better than this morning's -- just 5 km on the cross-trainer. I really need to make an effort to do some more focused cardio. Hopefully now that the semester is coming to an end I'll be able to do if after my weights workouts in the morning. I need to do something. I feel like I'm yo-yo'ing at this weight - +/- 1.5 kg. I'm frustrated!! I know I'm eating well, but I may have to revise my portions and my food prep too ... I don't know. I have to do something. If I want to see a change, then I have to make a change.

Food for the day:

Breakfast -- are you bored yet? I know it's the same photo, but it's the same meal day in day out!

Breakfast #2: I got to work and realized I had forgotten to pack anything to eat. Not good! I knew I had a long morning ahead, so without hesitating I went to the cafe & stood there for about 10 minutes asking the guy tons of questions about the foods - none of them healthy really - and went for a chicken wrap. I had him cut it in half and I only took one half. I took 4 bites and then I was done. I just wasn't interested in eating anymore. I have not had bread in such a long time. It just wasn't that tasty plus I was full. I know it's wasteful, but I wasn't about to finish the wrap when I knew I didn't want anymore.

What I bought:

How much I ate:

Lunch: Chick peas

 Dinner: Salmon with salad (balsamic vinegar & olive oil as dressing)

Dessert: Grapes 

- Workouts:
  • Cardio at the gym - 5 km on the cross-trainer (38 minutes)
  • CrossFit at CrossFit Q8 (1 hour): Fran + 100 burpees
  • Burpees: 100 {3,830/20,130}
  • Squats Day 9: 100
  • Stretching: 20 minutes
- Food: 
  • Breakfast: date/peanut butter/banana; 1/2 grilled chicken wrap
  • Lunch: chick peas
  • Dinner: salmon with salad
  • Snacks: grapes
- Other: Went through my wardrobe and got rid of all the tops that don't fit me anymore. Managed to cross off one more thing on my 'to do list'. Did lots of research on hotels in California; it's tough to decide where to stay!


  1. Hi Ayesha! Boy, I always thought tops would still fit and it was just the bottoms that don't fit anymore, but I was wrong. There's nothing worse than saggy super-wide tops.<<I still have some huge XL ones I wear when I house clean. :D

    I've never tried pull-ups with a band. What's that like?

    :-) Marion

  2. Could you take the breakfast pic and rotate it left to right 180 degrees next time. That would make breakfast more exciting - don't cha think? jk:) Awesome dinner pic!

  3. Don't sweat the breakfast! I eat the same thing every morning too. I just need energy and it does the trick:) Keep chasing those endorphins;)


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