Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Eat Clean, Train Dirty

This has definitely been the motto that I've been trying to follow. I think I've done a pretty good job so far, though the eating could always be cleaner, and the training could always be dirtier! I'm workin' it out!

I though I'd be more relaxed during summer vacation, but the days have been really busy. I'm a bit behind on my food pix, so here they are from the past 3 days.

I felt the lingering effects of Saturdays carbs and sugar today. I wish I hadn't had the tuna fish sandwich for lunch coz' I really should have skipped the bread, but it was there and I ate it. I had the usual breakfast - banana, date, and peanut butter - with a slightly different presentation! I was getting tired of the other picture! Lunch: tuna fish sandwich. Dinner: baked salmon over quinoa salad. Snack: Papaya - the whole bowl. Not pictured: a cup of green tea

Ok - today was slightly different. I had a bigger breakfast first (the egg white omelet pictured below for Tuesday) and then in the afternoon I had the banana/date/protein combo (also pictured below). Dinner was at a friend's house - grilled chicken with salad. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my food today! Banana, date, peanut butter in the morning, an egg white with mushroom omelet with a side salad and some green tea post-workout, some grilled chicken with half an avocado and some cherry tomatoes for lunch, baked fish in a spicy sundried tomato sauce over vegetables. Not pictured: a protein shake

Trying to Train Dirty


  1. Hi Ayesha! I'd skip the word "trying" and replace with "succeeding" in the phrase "Trying to Train Dirty." You're all about the "walk" as in "Some people talk the talk, but you walk the walk."

    I really need to make more baked fish for myself. I love it, and it would definitely be a good part of my diet.

    :-) Marion

  2. That is an awesome motto! Your food pics look great

  3. I LOVE the concept of training dirty! I may have to borrow the idea :-) well done, great looking food x


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