Thursday, May 23, 2013

Trip #1

I wasn't supposed to travel until the first week of June, but things happen -- such as D's football team making it to the Championship Play-off Final (if they win they get promoted to the Premier League) -- so I'm headed to London tomorrow to for Monday's match!

Today was spent packing and doing a few pre-travel errands. I've outlined a workout plan for my trip and I'll try to stick to it. Flying to London for just 4 days (actually just 2 full days) makes it a little bit awkward but we'll see how it goes. Of course my main concern is food -- but then, I'm always concerned about food, even when I'm home!!

So, no workout this morning. I definitely benefited from that extra rest. I had Kajukenbo class at night. It went really well. I'm really enjoying it :)

I had a late breakfast/early lunch (brunch) at home -- leftovers from last night (the remaining half of my salmon over the rest of the quinoa and salad)

Dinner at a new restaurant, Le Sushi Bar, with friends tonight -- it was incredibly delicious. I had 2 different Maki rolls and some edamame.


  1. The sushi looks SO good but I have never actually tried it before!!! I love extra rest days - they are GREAT for the body haha! Sounds fun enjoy yourself in London!

  2. :) yay you are coming here..check your email please

  3. I've never tried sushi either! It looks great though. Have a safe trip!

  4. Hey GIRL! :) I know your probably traveling, but I nominated you for a liebster award!!! Check it out when you get back in town!!! xoxo Dani!


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