Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Squats + Step-Ups = Soreness!

Yesterday's squat total: 340
Today's squat total: 195 (45 with 40-50 kg on my back; 90 with 10 kg dumbbells in each hand)

Plus I did step-ups today - 45 for each leg with weights in my hand (8 kg/hand)

Doin' my step-ups this morning & trying out my new Nike Free shoes - not bad! 

Today's Result: holy soreness!!

As I approached the stairs heading up to my classroom, I took the first one and thought - hmmm this is going to be painful. I definitely felt my muscles with each and every step, and as the day progressed, the feeling intensified, but I absolutely love that feeling. I'm hoping the results of all these squats will show (i.e. that I'll have a really nicely shaped ass) ;)

So, today was my last teaching day of the semester!! We've still got 10 days of the semester left (exams, admin stuff, etc.) but today was my last day in the classroom. On our first day of the semester I had my students write a letter to their future selves 10 years from now. I had them write about their hopes, fears, dreams, and so on. They did a really good job. Today, as a surprise, I put the letters (along with a letter from me) in envelopes and sealed them with instructions to not open the envelope until Jan. 26, 2013. It was just a small gesture, but it was really well received. Of course they wanted to open them right away. I do hope they'll save them and look back on their time in university with fond memories (plus I hope they don't lose them)! :)

I had a busy day overall. Luckily most of my food was just leftovers from yesterday so I didn't have to spend any time cooking - just reheating.

My breakfasts (pre/post-workout) and my lunch were exactly the same as yesterday. I'm not uploading the pictures here, but if you want a look, you can check out this link to yesterday's blog post.

I got hungry in the afternoon and had a snack of 5 tortilla chips with a dollop of salsa on each. I know that I only had these coz' they were in the house. I'm sure I could have made a healthier snack - but this is what I ate.

Snack: 5 tortilla chips w/a dollop of salsa on each

I wasn't particularly hungry when dinner time rolled around, so I just heated up a bowl of some of the vegetables that we had with dinner yesterday. It was good enough for me.

Dinner: Vegetables from last night (sweet potato, bell peppers, and cauliflower)

- Workouts:

  • Cardio at the gym (treadmill & cross-trainer) (30 minutes)
  • Weights at the gym (1 hour)
  • Deep stretching + yoga at the gym (missed it in the morning) (20 minutes)
  • Squats Day 3: 60

- Food: 

  • Breakfast: pre-workout - banana, 1 date, 1 T natural peanut butter; post-workout - 3 omelet muffins & 1/2 avocado
  • Lunch: 1.5 cups of fish soup
  • Dinner: Mix of vegetables
  • Snack: tortilla chips with salsa

- Other: I checked out a potential MMA training place ... I may be starting on Thursday. Stay tuned :)


  1. I believe "YUMS" and "YAYS" are in order. :)

  2. Hi A! I am working on thighs and butt for summer shorts weather. ABs too. Vanity is a great motivator.

    You sound like a wonderful teacher. But also awesome that your vacation is coming up soon.

    :-) Marion

    1. Vanity really is a good motivator!
      Thanks -- I do love teaching and I hope that my students enjoyed my class!

  3. That workout sounds great!

    I love the idea of having kids write a letter to their future selves. What a gift that would be if they kept them and really didn't open them until then!

    1. I hope that they do wait to open the letters and are pleased and proud of the person they will have become in 10 years!

  4. My stir fry did not turn out as good as yours. I used a cut of beef instead of salmon and had green beans that I did not like. I ate the yam for breakfast.

    1. I'll post the recipe soon and you can try my version out then :)


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