Wednesday, December 7, 2011


It is so cold here! In fact I'm feeling colder here than I did in the DC and London. Only having marble tiles definitely makes a difference, plus the walls don't seem to be very well insulated ... even with the heaters on the apartment is still very cold ... and being cold just makes me ravenously hungry.

I've heard that it's normal to feel hungrier during the winter -- after all, food helps keep us warm ... the danger is, of course, in overeating!

I got home from work today and I was absolutely famished. Luckily (unluckily)there was hardly anything in the house, so that limited my food options. Thank goodness I had frozen some vegetarian chili before leaving for my trip ... totally hit the spot.

I'm going to have to get myself into gear quickly. It's always difficult to get back into the swing of things after coming back from a trip (even if it was a short one) ... add the kind of 'break' that I've been on since October due to my bronchitis and then my surgery ... I definitely feel a bit out of control with things in my life. I can totally forsee the upcoming weeks getting completely out of control - eating too much, not exercising enough, and not getting any work done - because decorating and shopping for Christmas is just much more fun -- so I'm going to have to sit down and fix up my schedule sooner rather than later ...

Quite the challenge for a chronic procrastinator!

PS: Here's a link to an article on hungery & cold temperatures :)

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  1. I hate being cold. Since I lost my weight, I find I'm cold ALL THE TIME! I wear sweaters in the summer... now that it's winter, I wear long underwear, undershirts, so many layers it's crazy.

    I find that if I drink a lot of hot (decaf) tea, it helps prevent me from over-eating too much - it keeps me warm, and fills me up! Plus it means I'm getting even more water! :)

    Good luck with the schedule, I know how you feel!


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