Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Getting over jet lag

I'm back in Kuwait after a really good trip to DC. I'm convinced that after all that walking and carrying around stuff (yes, shopping bags) I am ready to get back to the gym. I know I'm not ready to jump into intense workouts, but I'm definitely ready to at least get back on the treadmill followed by adequate rest. This trip was definitely an eye-opener in terms of assessing how my physical strength is now ... I was able to walk around - at times I was slow, but still, I did walk around for a few hours at a time in some cases. Unfortunately because it was such a hectic trip with the conference and the fun stuff, I didn't get a chance to rest much ... which meant that I took 4-6 painkillers each day! I was not happy about it, but I knew it was the only way I could get by without doubling over. So a I said, I am definitely better, but I have to be smart and balance out any exercise with rest.

Right now, I'm just focusing on getting over my jet lag and unpacking (it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!) -- and then I'll come up with a proper schedule (work/exercise/diet) that I hope I can maintain until the next big trip in January.

Eating right and staying on top of things will definitely be challenging over the next few weeks as there are several holiday parties/dinners coming up ... Discipline is the objective!


  1. I hope you had an awesome time in DC!

  2. So nice to see you back here! I missed you. It sounds like your trip was a success. I know what you mean about being tired. You saw on my blog that I resumed walking, but wow...I can totally feel a difference. I'm slower and not completely out of breath, but I can totally tell I haven't exercised for 2 months! What a difference. Hope you're feeling ok with everything else :)


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