Sunday, December 11, 2011

Treading Slowly

I went to the gym today!!

I had an insanely busy day and though I did get a lot done (errand-wise), I knew I would not feel like my day would be successful unless I made it to the gym ... so I did!

I was so excited to be at the gym - FINALLY! It had been 40 days since my last workout - 40 days!! I wish I could have just started running or something; after all, I had 40 days of workouts to make up for! Still, I knew I had to be sensible (I hate having to be sensible!!) so I just got on the treadmill and started off slow ... and when I say slow, I mean SLOW! I was just ambling at 3.5 km/hr for the first few minutes and then took it up gradually. The 'fastest' I managed to go was 4.8 km/hr, and even then, only for a 2-minute stretch before I started to feel like it was causing some strain :(

It was tough. I mean, emotionally tough, not really physically tough. I used to warm up at 5.5, so to not even be able to hit 5 km/hr was tough to take ... but still, I was at the gym - finally on the road to proper physical recovery!

I had set goal to walk for 35 minutes, which I did without a problem. My average speed was 4.3 km/hr (2.52 km total walked and 153 calories burned). It's not much, but it's my starting point - hopefully only improvement from here on out! :)


  1. Great to hear you're back at the gym... As you mentioned, you know you need to start slowly... Don't let the mind overpush... You are doing great, listening to your limits, respecting them, and building yourself up stronger everyday... Very proud of you!

  2. Like you, I'm ramping up too. I'm definitely much, much slower than I was pre-surgery so we're in the same boat. Don't push too hard. You'll be back to pre-surgery level soon enough. It feels good though, right? :))

  3. Thanks Ryan and Kim!!! It felt so good to be back!! I had a big smile on my face as I entered ... feels like things are finally getting back to 'normal!'

    The two of you totally inspire me :)


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