Friday, February 24, 2012

Changing things Up

I think I'm going to have to change things up in my gym routine soon as it is becoming just that ... a routine. This week in particular has been a bit hard. I've had so many other distraction that my workouts have been ... well, I guess overall they've actually been good, but this week felt a bit more like I was there so that I could just get the workouts done rather than really wanting to be there. That kind of distraction really affects my effort -- I've always told myself, if you're making the effort to go to the gym, then put in 100% while you're there. I usually do, but this week felt like I was kind of hanging around the 70% effort range ... I definitely need to step that up next week!

I think part of my issues this week has been an overall feeling of lack of confidence. For some reason (perhaps insomnia related) I just feel like I was dragging all week. I pretty much got everything done that I needed to, but it was all just with the mentality of pushing through. I'm so tired of pushing through, but I don't feel like I'm in enough control of my life to do it any other way at this point in time. So I think this feeling has just been dragging me down a little. Unfortunately that just means that each time I leave the gym and feel like I didn't give it 100% makes things worse -- Why didn't I go faster, hit harder, push heavier? I seem to be struggling to do it on my own. Maybe it's time to invest in a personal trainer? The thing is, I like my routine so I don't want to do somebody else's program. I just want someone to encourage me and push me through my program instead of changing it up ... We'll see!

For today, 45 minutes on the cross-trainer followed by Zumba class. My new shoes are working out great :) [Very much unlike the New Balance sneakers which were so painful that they brought tears to my eyes. Disappointed in that purchase! For now I'm sticking to my original New Balance trainers -- but am in desperate need for a replacement pair!]

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