Monday, February 6, 2012

FMM - Habits

Today has been a hectic day -- you'll get a proper post tomorrow ... in the meantime, here's an FMM post (and hopefully an update with The Happiness Project later).

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FMM: Habits

1. Are you proactive, or do you procrastinate?
I'm both - depending on the task. There are some things that I could do any day, all day - like menu planning, cooking, etc. When it comes to getting some writing done - I'm a mega-procrastinator ... but I'm working on improving that!

2. Do you eat breakfast everyday?
Yes - I never leave home without having breakfast.
In the winter I have a bowl of oatmeal and in the summer I have a bowl of cereal -- simple, boring, but since I want to have breakfast daily, I found that these two foods work best for me. On the weekends I may change it up a little - a whole wheat bagel with low fat cream cheese, whole wheat pancakes (homemade), or an egg white and salmon scramble - but for the most part it's oatmeal and cereal for me.

3. How much time do you spend watching TV on an average day?
On average I spend about 1.5 hours watching TV on a daily basis - usually just in the evening before bed.

4. Do you talk on the phone, or do you prefer e-mail and/or text message?
I'm a text maniac! I'm also a big keep-in-touch person - so phone and email are fine with me too, but I find that my main method of communication is through text messages.

5. Do you exercise in the morning, afternoon, or evening?
It depends on my schedule. Last semester I taught an 8 a.m. class, so I exercised in the afternoons/evenings. This semester I teach a 10 a.m. class, so I'll be at the gym in the morning (which is actually my favorite time to exercise).

6. Do you take time for yourself regularly? If so, how do you spend that time?
Not as regularly as I'd like. I do go for a mani/pedi every 3-4 weeks (though would love to make it every 2 weeks) and a massage once in a while --- other than that, I'm always up for treating myself to a new pair of shoes :)

7. How often do you make your bed?
Never. Hubby does it daily ;)

8. Do you plan meals? If so, how far in advance?
I love planning my meals. I plan on a weekly basis (earlier if it's a meal for a special event).

9. Do you wake up at the same time everyday?
I pretty much wake up between 4 and 5 a.m. on a daily basis, with or without the alarm. I like the routine of it, but there are some days when I wish I could just have a lie-in.

10. How often do you brush your teeth?
At least twice a day (morning and just before going to sleep) - sometimes in the afternoon as well!

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  1. Stopping by from FMM - gotta love a hubby that makes the bed!! :)

  2. Came by from FMM. I also get up between 4:30 and 5 all days of the week except Saturdays, so I'd think I'd wake up naturally at that time, but I have no trouble whatsoever "lying in" until 8 or 9. (By the way, like that expression!)

  3. Good to see you back! My hubby makes the bed once in a while - he likes to see it made, but knows if he wants to see it, he needs to do it! :)

    I'm not a morning person - my running joke is the only reason to be up at five in the morning is because you haven't gone to bed yet! And yet I've been getting up at 5:15 lately to swim, so I guess we can all change. ;)

  4. How do you get your husband to make the bed? I've at least trained mine to pull the covers up when he get out.

  5. OMG I don't even know what would happen to me if I woke up that early. I have tried (and failed) for several years to become a morning person but is just not going to happen.
    Yay for Mani/pedi's.
    Stopping by from FMM

  6. I wasn't always a morning person -- but now I love waking up early so that I can have some quiet time for myself before the day starts ... although 4:30 am is way too early. If I didn't have insomnia, I'm sure I would sleep longer.

    I wake up before my hubby so he's left to make the bed -- somehow we just fell into that routine. I even have him doing the dishes on the weekends :)

  7. I'd kill you if you texted me! LOL I don't have a text plan so each text costs me like a billion dollars. It's funny that all the areas I'm weak in are the areas you are strong in, like menu planning and organization. We'd make quite a team!


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