Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Stiff Neck

Last night after Zumba class I felt a sharp pain in the back of my neck. I don't know why or how it happened, but all of a sudden, I couldn't move my neck.

Unfortunately, I woke up this morning and still felt terrible. My neck is totally stiff. It looks like I have terrific posture until I start moving ... which is when I just look strange! Anyway.

My intention for Wednesdays was just to do Body Balance, but I really wanted to start my boxing training at some point ... so today was the day to begin.

I went to the gym this morning, did my usual 1 km warm-up, and then got started on my
boxing. It's been a long time since I trained -- at least four months, so I am basically restarting with the basics. Aside from attempting 6 minutes of jump rope (which I found very difficult), the rest of the workout was some basic footwork plus some shadowboxing as well as some core training. Not too difficult, but definitely important basic skills to master before taking it up a notch.

After that, I did Body Balance class. It was nice to see some improvement since last week. I definitely think that my workouts and weight training over the past week have helped. I know it's early days still, but it's always nice to see some improvement in just a short time.

I also got to use my new Manduka yoga mat. I read that it was the best yoga mat out there, so I thought, why not. I needed a new yoga mat -- If I'm going to get one, it might as well be the best. I had no idea how heavy this mat was going to be (the mat + the canvas bag came to a total of 4 kg or 8.8 lbs.), which totally killed me on the international shipping and handling (paid more than the price of the mat itself!!! I have to get good use out of it!). Anyway. It was great. It really made a difference to my workout as I wasn't constantly afraid of slipping and falling.
I'll write a more detailed review of the mat in a separate post.

Another good workout day ... now I just need my neck to loosen up again!


  1. I hope your neck feels better! I'm so impressed you still went and did not one but multiple workouts - awesome!

    I need a new yoga mat too; I'll have to look into the one you got if it's that good!

  2. Oh, that so terrible, PlumPetals. Your neck was in pain, but you're still able to do some heavy activities! It may sound amazing, but I think you should not make it a habit. When your neck's in pain, try looking for some alternatives to relieve it before you do some extreme activities. Our neck is composed of soft bones and ligament that might swell when injured. If you tried lots of ways and the pain still persisted, I think it's time that you make a visit with your chiropractor.

  3. You must’ve overstretched a bit during your Zumba session. Add that to having slept on it during the night, and you’ll get the shooting pains from your neck. Best thing to do on those occasions is to just rest it out for a few days, or get a massage if you can to loosen up those neck muscles.

  4. It’s good to hear that you were able to do other activities while suffering through neck pain. However, it might not have been advisable for you to do it at that time, since it might've gotten worse if you had moved around too much. In times like that, I suggest you to take a break from doing such activities until your neck fully recovers. And as much as possible, gently stretch your neck to loosen the tightening grip on your ligament. All the best!

    Jacqueline Hodges @ Back and Neck Center of Brick


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