Monday, February 27, 2012

Week in Review

Last week was definitely a big week for me - I did two things that I'm really proud of.

First of all, I completed my first ever outdoor 10km group run (more like walk/jog).
Secondly, I completed my PhD!

The soreness of Saturday's 10k has gone, but the relief of completing my PhD hasn't set in yet ... all in good time.

A few days ago I posted about not feeling confident/motivated. I stayed on plan - ate well all week and did several workouts, but there was a certain amount of energy lacking. I'm sure part of it is definitely related to my insomnia. Part of it is also just general stresses in my life ... I just felt like I was dragging a bit this past week, so it was no surprise (but definitely a disappointment) that I didn't lose any weight this week.

Just gotta stick to the plan and not give up. I'm definitely on the right track though things still need a bit of tweaking.

Weight loss progress:
Feb. 5 - 60 lbs. to target weight
Feb. 12 - 56 lbs. to target weight
Feb. 19 - 54 lbs. to target weight

Sunday: Weights (NROL4W 3A2 - 1 hour)
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Weights (NROL4W 3B2 - 1 hour); Treadmill (30 min light); Zumba (1 hour)
Wednesday: Boxing 1.5 hours; Treadmill (20 min light)
Thursday: Treadmill (30 min); Zumba (1 hour)
Friday: Cross-trainer (45 min); Zumba (1 hour)
Saturday: 10 km support run (1.5 hours)
Total: Just over 10 hours

Food: {obviously repeated meals over the days}
Breakfast: oatmeal; cereal; cheese & tomato sandwich
Snacks: protein shake; cottage cheese with cashews; chocolate pudding (fat free); After Eight

Daily averages:
1,400 calories
90 g. protein
183 g. carbohydrates (20 g. fiber)
40 g. fat (8 g. saturated fat)

This past week I made it to the gym, but I didn't put in as much effort as I should have. My goal for the week seemed to be just to make it there ... but as I can see, it's definitely not good enough.

Even in terms of food - I ate a lot of the same things just because they were quick and easy to prepare. This week it was definitely just about eating something (healthy of course) rather than really thinking out and enjoying my food.

Last week I wrote about drinking more water -- except for 2 days (when I drank just 3 liters of water) I managed to drink 4 liters (135 ounces) of water.

Plan for the week:
Continue to drink 4 liters of water everyday.
Continue to try and increase my protein intake and lower my carb/fat intake.
Put more effort into my workouts.

Consistency is key ... so just gotta keep making sure I'm doing everything I can to stay on top of things. Change won't come without the effort.


  1. I love that you're keeping your cals low and packing in all that protein. Rock it!

    1. Thank you! Tracking can be a pain, but it really does help :)

  2. Congratulations on those two major accomplishments!!!
    Even though you might not have gone for the gusto, so to speak, making it the the gym at all is really something to be proud of. And you're seeing the results on the scale, so bravo!
    I am so with you about consistency being the key.

    1. Thanks Bella! I think it's definitely the much needed boost in motivation that I needed for this upcoming week!

  3. Congrats on both achievements!!! Awesome! I suffer from insomnia too and it does take a toll on your daily life. Hope it gets better soon, I was prescribed pills but I don't like taking them.

    1. Thank you!!
      Yes, I'm definitely trying to stay away from the pills -- just gotta try and relax even if I don't manage to sleep!

  4. Wow, amazing job... I can't even comprehend the amount of work and perseverance it takes to complete a PhD... The 10k is something I can grasp a little better! :-). Very kewl stuff... Wow.

    1. Thanks Ryan ... the last 6 months have definitely been very, very challenging! I'm so happy the first major part is done ... now I just have to pass the defense! :)


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