Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Feeling Proud!

I bloody well did it! I got my butt to the gym, got on the treadmill, cued Day 2 of Week 6 on C25K, warmed up for 5 minutes and then jogged for 20 minutes straight!

I have been feeling so intimidated by this 20-minute run, and now that it's done I have to say that I can't wait to get back on the treadmill and see what else I can do.

Music was definitely important during my jog. I also told myself not to look at the time or the distance or any number - just face forward and jog until you can't jog anymore ... and then dig deeper and finish the 20 minutes.

I did it! I am so happy.

The only issue I had during running was that my pants kept inching lower and lower! Well, my clothes getting too big for me are just another sign that everything is working out just fine.

I was on the treadmill for a total of 50 minutes - of that time I jogged for 20 minutes straight and then jogged for another 10 minutes at different intervals (sometimes just for 1 minute, sometimes for 2, sometimes for 30 seconds). So I jogged a total of 30 minutes. I'm so proud of that number!

On the C25K screen it said: "This is it! the big 20 minute run. Know that you are ready and the only thing you need to do is break a little sweat."

That's what I kept repeating to myself - You are ready for this. You can do this. This is just jogging - not anything tough like burpees for 20 minutes!

I also thought about a lot of people who inspire me, including many bloggers out there who are either already comfortable with their training or are on their way there -- I thought about Norma, Jenn, Kris, Caron, Tim, Rebecca as well as a few others who have been working hard and also helping me stay motivated (whether they know it or not). The last thing I would have wanted was to attempt Week 6, Day 2 and come back and say - I couldn't do it. No! I didn't want to let myself down or give others a chance to shake their head and say - Tsk tsk. If only she had tried harder.


I actually felt a bit emotional after finishing my run. I felt like everything that I've been doing - the early morning yoga sessions, the time at CrossFit and Body Balance, and most of all, the change in what I've been eating - has culminated in this success.

I'm not done - not by a long shot, but each success like this makes me feel a bit more confident. It makes me feel optimistic. Most of all, it reminds me that what may have felt like a sacrifice at one point or another, was totally worth it -- no slice of cake, piece of chocolate, or bowl of pasta will ever make me feel as good as I did after I finished running today. Why would I want to change that?

There's still lots to do, and I'm going to continue workin' it out!


  1. I like the play on Blog name at the end. Good job Energywoman! You are a winner in so many ways:)

  2. This is so awesome, PP!!! I'm so happy for you for so many reasons. You are totally kicking ass in every area of life right now!! I'm glad things are finally coming together for you and you are enjoying the fruits of your labor. You deserve to feel proud - you are really changing your life!!

    Thanks for sweet shout out, too. :D You're determination & drive is quite the motivation for me as well...I see it every day when I log my points! Get it, girl!

  3. Thanks for the mention. You helped me as I was trying to talk myself out of my workout and now I'm REALLY going to do it.

    I have never tried running, but a twenty minute run is quite an accomplishment. :)

  4. Awesome job! You have every reason to be proud of your accomplishments!

  5. You are on my list of people who inspire me! Amazing job!

  6. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Wooohooo! That is so fantastic:) Running definitely is a mental game, and now you know that you can cover any distance you put your mind too.

  7. Way to go!! That 20 minute run is a big deal - it seems so far and so hard at the beginning, but once you do it, you realize that it isn't all that scary. :)

    You've come so far, I'm so happy for you!

  8. Thanks everyone!!! :)

  9. This is so exciting, and absolutely something to be proud of! Good for you.

    Have you heard of the website called Rock My Run? They offer really cool mixes, at all different bpm's, with lots of different musical genres. I the mixes when I'm working out, and they definitely help keep me going.


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