Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lessons Learned

Tonight was the first day of birthday celebrations. Despite eating meals out, I stayed on track in terms of points for the Whole Life Challenge. I chose the restaurants with the intention of staying on plan. Everything was fine until the end of dinner when they brought out cake -- I really didn't want to eat any cake. I had no desire to even taste the cake ... but the looks on everyone's faces guilted me into having a sliver. It was such a small piece that it really wasn't worth sacrificing a point for at all.

I should have been stronger (especially after what I wrote about 'just once piece' in yesterday's post)!

This has nothing to do with the calories or the cake or anything like that. It all goes back to making a choice.

So far, the points that I've lost on this challenge (wedding meal and birthday cake) were done in situations were I actually could have taken more control but possibly at the expense of other people's feelings.

I haven't figured this part out yet, to be honest.

I know what I want, and I know what's good for me ... and I know that sticking to what is good for me should be a priority ...

I've written about this before - about other people's feelings and how they shouldn't get in the way of your goals/priorities. I'm really trying to do this. I've been rather successful, but I felt like I failed at this tonight. I shouldn't have eaten that bit of cake.

I also, however, could not stand the idea of disappointing my friend who had bought the cake or the friends who had come out that night to celebrate. For the wedding, would it have been worth it to hurt my best friend's feelings (as well as his bride's feelings) just so that I could stick to my plan? Part of me thinks it would have been ok. Another part of me is not so sure.

Ugh. Anyway. Tomorrow is a new day. As disappointed as I am in myself for being indecisive and wavering with my focus, I'm not going to let eating 2 inches of cake throw me off track (especially psychologically).

Onwards and upwards! 


  1. I've often wondered why people care what I eat or don't eat. When I first joined WW I had people asking me if what I had on my plate was "allowed". Or, they would looked shocked and say "You're going to eat all of that!" I found it worked much better to stay very quiet about what I eat. :)

    1. I know ... It's taking some time to get used to handling all these different reactions and 'defending' myself.

  2. I too have trouble with social situations and even family sometimes! There are times when I do just great, and others when I say yes even when I don't really want to. Have to figure out how to say "no" and stick with it.

    1. I know. For the most part I've been good, but it's still tricky sometimes -- still workin' on it.


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