Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dear Runner

This morning when I checked my email, the first one I got was from Aymstrong, the hosts of the Kuwait Marathon. I love how they started off the email with 'Dear Runner.' Ok, so I'm not a runner (yet), but it gave me hope. It gave me that extra bit of spark that made me think - Yes, I want to be a runner. It doesn't matter how long it takes, I just want to eventually be able to run.

I had preregistered before. Today's email was the official registration (payment etc.) to confirm your place. So I've done it. Now all I have to do is train for it. What was interesting to find out was that we will be running in the desert, so on sand. I've never run on sand before! I'll have to train especially for that for sure!

Today was another full (and fulfilling day).

Early morning workout - I finished Workout 4B of Stage 6 in NROL4W. I've just got one more round left (Workout A5 and B5) and then I'm on to the final stage. The next round is a bit different - I'll be using a lighter weight (the same weight I used for round 2) but doing more reps - and in some cases, as many reps as possible before stopping). The highlight of today's weights workout: Using a 20 kg. dumbbell for my two -point rows! I absolutely love how you can see an increase in your strength as you follow the program.

I had a bit of time left, so I had half an hour of boxing practice - for the last 10 minutes DB came in to spar with me. I've never sparred before. He almost punched my face! Damn! Have to keep my guard up. I tell you, it's intimidating when someone is coming at you with boxing gloves on! So different from my trainer holding the boxing pads and letting me hit. You've got to be quick on your feet, defend yourself, and attack! I was DRENCHED in sweat by the time we were done.

Class was great! We finished up the debates; the remaining topics were:
- Should parents be punished/penalized for allowing their children to become obese?
- Should fast food be banned in schools as well as in the surrounding areas in order to promote healthier eating habits?
- Should anorexics (if admitted to the hospital for an anorexia-related illness) be force fed through a naso-gastric tube (against the patient's wishes)?
- Are advertisers justified in airbrushing and photoshopping their models to look flawless and skinner than they actually are?
- Should warning labels be put on fast food, just as they are on cigarette packs?

We had some really great discussion. What was most interesting was our discussions related to how personal opinion/what one thinks is right is cannot always be implemented for a whole host of reasons. What also became apparent was the influential nature of profit and the distinction between individual responsibility for one's own health and what we expect the community/society to do to help individuals along the way ... very interesting indeed!

A bit of rest. Lunch was some lentils with spinach, celery, and tofu -- yummy, but so unappealing to look at. I couldn't bring myself to post a photo!

In the evening I went back to the gym -- 2.5 km light cardio, half an hour of abs blast class, and finally Zumba ... and ending the night at a friend's birthday celebration - smoked salmon over a bed or rocket leaves (lemon dressing on the side) and lots of water. Even though it was a birthday, we all agreed on no dessert, not even cake to share. It helps to be around others who are watching what they eat.

Oh, I finally used my Polar FT60 heart-rate monitor! It was great to see how many calories I burned during weight training as well as during boxing. I had a rough idea before, but now I have a better idea. I burned a total of 630 calories (half from boxing) for my morning workout, and another 650 calories from my evening workout! I'm liking the heart-rate monitor so far - hopefully it'll also help me track my calories more accurately.

Off to dream about running now ;)


  1. I know what you mean about some delicious food looking kind of bad. My quinoa, spinach and egg concoctions are not very pretty but very tasty. :)

  2. If you are running, than you are a runner!!!!!!

    You will have to let us know how running on the sand goes. That seems like it would be really difficult to do. My ankles get sore just from going on long walks in the sand.

    The debates in your class sound so fun!

  3. Yep! I agree with Jenn! If you are running/jogging any distance, any speed, I don't care if you have to take breaks and walk so that you can continue running, you ARE a runner :)

    "we will be running in the desert, so on sand" <---hardcore! And yeah for registering! So great you are doing this! Looking forward to reading your training progress.

    Excellent topic discussions! Wish I was a fly on the wall to hear both sides :)

  4. How great that your friends are on the same page as , diet-wise. That's a real stroke of luck.

    I love the topics you covered in class. So much to be said pro/con each of those arguments. I guess we shouldn't bother debating them in our blogs though, since this is a supportive atmosphere and debates tend to create division. >sigh< Oh well. I'll debate them in my head while I'm on the treadmill tonight.

    I think "Dear Runner" sounds kickass and totally you. Running on sand though - wow! That's hard! You don't get that spring back motion from your sneakers on the hard pavement. Your leg muscles are going to be in amazing shape!

    So cool you've registered for this marathon. I have no idea what Kuwait deserts are like, but I'm eager to hear about it.

  5. Congratulations!! You can do this... and you ARE a runner. It doesn't matter if you run/walk, if you jog, or if you run like Ryan Hall or Paula Radcliffe - when you lace up your shoes and get moving, YOU ARE A RUNNER.

    Wear the title with pride. :)


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