Thursday, April 19, 2012


Short post today.

I think the stress/work/workouts of the week have finally caught up to me.

I'm tired.

Still, I did manage to hit the gym -- twice, but I have to admit, my energy level was not as high as it normally is.

Morning workout:

1 km warm-up -- for the first time I warmed up for 1 min 15 sec and then jogged the rest of the distance (a total of 7 min straight). It's the first time I've ever jogged that long without taking any breaks. I just kept telling myself: You can do it. There's no reason to stop. Nothing bad is going to happen to you. Keep moving!

Weights -- I completed Workout 5A of Stage 6 in NROL4W. It went really well. I've definitely noticed an increase in my strength.

Boxing -- Today's focus was mainly footwork and shadowboxing. My arms needed a bit of a rest, though shadowboxing works up just as much of a sweat - especially if you throw in jump rope and jumping jacks in between rounds!

Evening workout:

Abs Blast -- Half an hour of the abs class. It's tough, but I desperately need it! It's much easier to do the class than motivate myself to do abs on my own.

Zumba -- I'm so glad Zumba music invigorates me, but like I said earlier, I was tired today and I know that I didn't move as quickly or enthusiastically as I normally do.

Still, I survived the day (and the week). I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday. I've got a big workout planned, but then a day of rest. I can't wait (neither can my body)!!


  1. Wow! That is a major workout, well done!

  2. that is a DAY of work out! I'm super proud of you! The running especially. I'm hoping that I can get up to 1k in 7 min of straight running. :) That dead, no more energy, emotionally taxed place is so tough... but it's weird because the happy and enthused emotions get better too. You are capable of so much! It's amazing. Rest up.

  3. You are a beast!!

    I'm sure you will enjoy your much deserved day of rest!

  4. Sometimes life is just too full - I know it has been for me lately. All this week I've been feeling flat - tired, drained, lethargic, but not sick (thank goodness!). Hope you feel rested and better soon!

  5. Melinda6:41 PM

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