Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Working it In

I knew earlier this week that today would not be a 'normal' day -- first of all, I don't usually work Wednesdays, but today my students have a test, so I have to go in. Second of all, I'm both taking my mom to work and picking her up ... and then taking her to physiotherapy later this afternoon, so my a lot of my day will be taken up just sitting in my car. The thing that has been worrying me is ... when do I fit in my workout? My plan for Wednesdays is just 1-hour cardio. So it was just about figuring out when to fit it in ...

I've said before in my posts that anything that disrupts any part of my routine can throw me quite off balance. I've been trying to work on this lately. Life happens. It doesn't mean other parts of my life need to stop, it just means I need to be flexible and not see one, two, or three obstacles as a sign that my focus on fitness needs to stop!

So this morning, instead of rushing to the gym at 6:30 in the morning, I got the chance to stay home --- it was quite lovely to be honest. The silence of the neighborhood, the overall tranquility, the extra time -- yes, it was terrific! I also managed to squeeze in an extra hour of sleep which felt fantastic after yesterday's long day/workouts.

Since I knew the rest of the day would be busy, I took the opportunity to get dinner ready -- tuna loaf tonight (will post the recipe) - low calorie and delicious. Can be kept in the fridge for the day, and will just need to be baked for 45 minutes tonight. Perfect for a hectic day.

I'm glad I had the chance to rest that extra hour because once I left the house, it was pretty much non-stop rushing around all day. I'm happy to say that I did manage to make it to they gym. As soon as my students finished their test I grabbed their papers, rushed to my car, and booked it to the gym. Although I knew I only needed an hour for my workout it's the other stuff that also needs to be taken into consideration in terms of how long the whole workout process takes - starting from the drive to the gym, changing into workout clothes, then the actual workout, followed by showering etc. etc. Anyway. I'm just happy that I managed to finish my 8 km on the cross-trainer and burn those calories. I didn't push it too hard today because I knew that I worked out quite a bit yesterday ... and I have a long workout planned for tomorrow too. I consider today to be more of an 'active recovery' day.

The highlight of my day was definitely the 1 hour I got to sit outside, enjoying the lovely sun and breeze, while mom was in physiotherapy. I've been reading through my thesis and I'm quite relieved that I don't hate it :) During the writing process there were many, many, many times when I just wanted to hit the delete button because I thought it sucked. So, yes, not hating what I've written has been making me feel better about my upcoming defense -- exactly one month from now!

Despite the rushed day, I'm ending it feeling positive and calm ... and hungry! Mmm that tuna loaf in the oven smells good :) Will post the recipe soon!


  1. i am always astounded by what a difference being outside makes! can't wait for the recipe :-)

    1. The sunshine definitely lifted my spirits!


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