Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Easing into It

I don't understand how being away in a country that is only 1 hour behind Kuwait has still resulted in some form of jet lag. I always feel it when I return from London too (2 hrs behind Kuwait). Perhaps it's not so much the time difference as it is the travel.

On my last day in Italy I only slept for 2 hours the night before, had a 1.5 hr journey to the airport, the flight from Ancona to Rome (45 min), 5 hour layover, Rome to London, 3.5 hour layover, then the flight from London to Kuwait (5.5 hrs). I managed to sleep a little on the plane, but definitely not enough.

This morning, I did not want to get out of bed. Although I really had no reason to get up - no work to go to, no major errands to run - I knew that I'd feel better if I got back into some sort of routine.

My main task of the day was to fix up my menu for the week and buy groceries.

My mind didn't seem to want to function though. I couldn't decide what I wanted to get, and I just couldn't figure out my menu. Still, I made a few notes and headed off to buy lots of veggies and some fish (plus poultry/meat for D). I felt better once the fridge was stocked!

I normally wait 3-4 days before getting back into my exercise routine. My body needs time to adjust to being back plus there is always so much that needs to be done around the house.

Today, however, I asked D if he wanted to go for a walk. I knew that if we stayed home we would only end up napping (he's getting over jet lag from being in Chile for the past 2 weeks) and throwing off our sleep schedule even more. So, despite it being 45 degrees outside (113 F) and not being able to drink water outside because it is the Islamic month of Ramadan (more on that in another post) - he agreed and we headed out for a short 2 km walk. It wasn't much, but we both felt better for being outside. I'm definitely craving fresh air after being spoilt with it in Ancona!

Dinner - grilled salmon + salad. Yum! It feels good to be back in the kitchen again though strange not to have any pasta for dinner, haha :)

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