Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Eating Habits

"Each meal is a new opportunity to eat nutritiously" - Women's Health

This quote came up on my Twitter feed earlier today - what a great quote. Every second of our day is a chance to make a change, to do something different, to finally take action towards reaching those goals that we really, really want to reach ... and we all really, really want to get healthy, right?

Messed up on breakfast? Don't mess up on lunch. Messed up on lunch? Don't mess up on dinner.

The downward spiral can be deadly. You have to be in control -- and that's one of the great things about eating habits - we are in control of what we choose to eat. Nobody is ever forcing us to eat a chocolate bar, bag of chips, a deep-fried meal. Those are entirely our choices - and with such choices are consequences. Don't let a cheat/special occasion meal turn into a cheat day (or worse yet, couple of days, a week, or more). 

I understand about the struggle with food. I've been there for years. I'm still there, but I think I'm finally smartening up. I still falter with choices, and I know that I have a really hard time resisting junk food if it's in the house. Luckily, there's a simple solution to that - don't bring that junk in the house! It's amazing how you think of healthy alternatives to soothing those hunger pains when you don't have ingredients like cheese, butter, sugar in the house (let alone pre-packaged foods that are full of sodium and other preservatives).

I didn't cut foods out of my diet, but I changed my diet drastically. I never said to myself, 'Don't eat any chocolate.' I just didn't eat it - it wasn't about restricting myself or as some like to put it, depriving myself - it was just about making better choices.

Each time the number on the scale doesn't go down I know that I have to make better choices. Each time I struggle with my workouts - whether it's running, pilates, swimming, or CrossFit, I know I have to reexamine what I eat.

Food = Fuel

Eating healthy foods will help me have better workouts -- and having better workouts makes me feel happy, strong, and confident - who can say that those are things they don't want? That's a positive upward spiral I want to be on!

I just want to make smarter choices each day - with each meal. So, to take that ambition to another level, today I registered with the International Sports Science Association for a Fitness Nutrition Certification course. We all know the basics of healthy eating (Eat This, Not That should be common sense), but I want to know more. Plus, I gotta know what I'm talking about if I'm going to 'preach' about it ... and if I'm going to 'preach' about it, you better believe I gotta practice it!

Let's see how it goes!

Another CrossFit session today - my right quadricep muscle was still quite achy from the squats I did on Sunday and Monday -- but had to push through.

5 minutes of jump rope - getting better at those double-unders, though still haven't managed any in a row yet
3 rounds of 10 full-body squats/10 burpees

Strength Skill: Squats
Overhead Squats: The overhead squats kicked my ass today. I just didn't feel focused and my legs felt wobbly. I managed to go up to 40 kg (88 lbs.) but really struggled; I was much better at 35 kg (77 lbs.)
Front Squats: I managed to reach a new PR of 65 kg (143 lbs.) - for me the toughest part of this exercise is keeping my elbows high; plus the bar is heavy on my collarbone - I have a feeling I may have a bruise or two tomorrow
Back Squats: Another new PR for me - 75 kg (165 lbs.)

Even though I did well, I couldn't help but feel disappointed in the overhead squats. I know I can lift that weight, but I just couldn't put the movement together -- still, trying to focus on the positives -- I'll get there if I keep working at it.

WOD - As many rounds as possible in 10 min
30 crunches
20 push ups
100 jump rope skips
15 pull ups
15 ring pull ups (not sure of the name)

Another good day at the CrossFit Q8 Box!


  1. Great post!

    So many times I was guilty of saying "Now I've messed up so I might as well eat what I want and start again tomorrow." Very bad idea.

    My WW leader says the "art of recovery" is a skill we have to learn to be successful. It works in all walks of life and especially in healthy living. :)

  2. That's a great quote. I was talking to a friend tonight - you have to change your entire relationship with food, and make it a lifestyle. I don't ever want to go back to eating all the crappy processed foods I used to eat.

  3. Great post & great quotes. Even taking one bite of something you know you shouldn't be eating makes it extremely hard not to take a second bite, let alone finish the whole thing and then go looking for more. The real key, as you said, is not putting yourself in that path to begin with, but, foregoing that, not using one bad choice be an excuse to make more of them. Great workouts, too!


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