Wednesday, August 22, 2012

You Look So ...

Older generation Bangladeshis are not known for their tact. They'll have no problem approaching you and telling you to your face that you've put on weight or other criticisms. It's something I dread.

It's something that I've really, really been anxious about prior to my arrival in Dhaka. D knows that it is a major concern of mine because I don't want to feel bad, especially not when I've been working so hard. I know that I've lost weight, but I'm not thin (YET) ... so the last thing that I want to hear from my relatives is that I look fat.

Seriously. It was stressing me out.


I wanted to post yesterday but it was such a busy day.

The day started off perfectly after an incredible 9-hour sleep. I felt like a new person. The Westin has a signature bed called 'The Heavenly Bed' - it is indeed HEAVENLY! I've stayed at several Westin's - Malaysia, Thailand, Toronto, NYC, etc. - their bed never disappoints. I want one in my house!

The main event of yesterday was a massive family gathering for dinner at my parents house. By massive I'm talking about around 70 people - and this was immediate family only :) I knew there would be lots of food at mom's place so D and I headed to the gym for a great workout - cardio + weights before heading over there. The gym trainers must not see a lot of women lifting heavy weights because they had an alarmed expression on their face as I squatted 55 kg. I think they would have had a heart attack if they saw me do my real 75 kg ... but as nice as the hotel gym was, it didn't have that many free weight options. Plus I wasn't really aiming to lift heavy, just work up a good sweat - and I definitely did.

I love that my mom is so aware of my eating habits now. Although there were many, many foods that I would normally have loved to eat (high in calories/fat/fried foods), she also had a number of dishes that were low fat, high protein for me plus lots of veggies. In the end, actually, I hardly ate anything at all because catching up with my relatives took up pretty much all my time.

So how did they react? Well, first of all, D and I were both wearing traditional clothes (me in a sari and him in a long kurta) so that delighted the whole family -- and on top of that, pretty much everybody (all the women at least) came up to me and said -- You look so ... thin! You've lost weight. You look terrific etc. etc. etc.

I haven't lost too much since I was here last year - I think 6 kg (15 lbs.) but I know that my body has definitely changed shape; after all, my clothes are all a smaller size. I know I'm on this mission for myself, but let's face it - you want others to notice how good you look as well. I'm not thin yet, but I know that I look different/better.

I was really happy. D was incredibly sweet telling me that I never had anything to worry about and that I should be proud of the work I've done -- and I am. It's definitely even more motivation to keep on going.


Today has been more of the same.

Breakfast; lounging around; then the gym.

Today I decided to practice some of the Body Pump choreography that I've been trying to learn. I haven't looked at it since I came back from Italy. It was a really good workout, but I definitely need to practice more. I completed 6 tracks, some cardio, and a total of 200 squats.

My ass is quivering lol.

So far things have been good on the food front. My mom has been my biggest advocate, pleading on my behalf that we just want to visit family and enjoy their company versus go to eat - plus saying that both D and I have become really sensitive and can't eat all the rich foods. Bless her. She's my hero!

I love that on vacation D & I get a chance to work out together. It's a change in our routine. Plus we're both being vigilant of what we eat. That doesn't mean that we're on a crazy restrictive diet. We both know that Bangladeshi sweets are really, really good (and really sweet!). I told myself that I'd rather not eat anything else but just have a sweet if it came down to it. I know it's not the healthiest choice, but having one sweet on 3 days once a year is not a big deal in the scheme of things (in my opinion), especially when I'm still exercising (not that I exercise to make room for more food calories). Anyway.

I don't know if that's my inner/outer fat girl speaking and looking for an excuse to eat something sweet -- I know I don't need it, but I do enjoy it ... I guess we'll see how it all plays out once I weigh in when I get home!


  1. These older relatives who are so quick to point out weight gain....might they be the same ones who are insulted when you eat sparingly or turn down dinner invitations? ;-)

    1. You hit the nail on the head Norma! The irony escapes them - You've gained weight? Here eat this. Lose/lose situation sometimes!

  2. It sounds like you are having a good time in Bangladesh and keeping your eating in check. What a wonderful compliment that your family gave you - that has to make you feel great!
    I'm with you on the sweets - I would choose that over "normal food" any day. Can you say, sweet tooth???

    1. I wish I didn't have such a sweet tooth! I'm working on controlling it though :)

  3. Yay, so glad your family has noticed all of your hard work. Awesome feeling!!

    Sounds like you are doing a great job of balancing your needs with the demands of your family. Not an easy thing to do.

    IDK what I would do if I was faced with an abundance of sweets...I have a HUGE sweet tooth...I think if I had one, I would be Binge City. There would be no stopping me. But if you can handle it and just have one special treat, than more power to ya!

    1. It was great, especially because many can be so critical!
      I had quite a few sweets. I hope they don't come to haunt me too badly in the end.

  4. How wonderful that your family is noticing your hard work! And that your mom is advocating to help you stay on your healthy path. I know it's hard when dealing with family. :)

    As for the sweets - if you can stop at one, go for it! I know for me certain sweets are trigger foods and I can't start or I won't stop.

    Have a great trip!

    1. Thanks Kris! It was really nice to have people notice my progress, and having my mom by my side really helped me deal with the food situations! :)


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