Thursday, August 2, 2012

Update from Italy

I've been offline for over a week now, and is been great just relaxing, enjoying the magnificent scenery, and soaking in all the fresh air.

Rome was fabulous. I spent hours and hours walking and just soaking in the history of the city.

After four days in Rome I flew to Ancona/Le Marche. I've been staying at a frend's house - my body pump instructor - and have been here ever since. Her house is in the middle of nowhere - just hills and fields of trees and sunflowers - it is breathtaking. I have sept like I've never slept before - 7-10 hours a night, can you believe it? I've been walking and swimming. Yesterday she gave me some Body Pump choreography to learn and I'm supposed to 'teach' it today. It's been fun to kinda get behind the scenes and learn how to read the choreography notes and put it to music.

Anyway - just wanted to check in and say that all is well. I should be back to regular posting in a week or so. Hope everyone is doing well :)

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  1. That is so great that you are sleeping well. My youngest daughter is like you in that area. She just got up and has only had two hours sleep. Good to hear from your. :)


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