Monday, August 13, 2012

A Bit of Positivity

I enjoy getting ready for my workouts.

I like choosing my workout clothes - kinda boring, usually a black t-shirt and black/grey/dark purple capris, but I have a much more fun collection of sneakers :) - and then packing up my gym bag. I try to have these things ready several hours before my workout so that I don't have to rush just before leaving the house and risk forgetting something, or worse yet, run so late that I miss my workout.

I used to approach going to CrossFit with a lot of apprehension. As I would drive to the Box my heart would race and I would feel so nervous - Will I be able to succeed today? What if the WOD is something that I just can't accomplish? Will I fail?

Over time, the anxiety has lessened, and now, I look forward to each challenge. I used to think that if I knew what the WOD would be from beforehand, then I'd be able to mentally prepare. Now, I'm glad I don't know. The mystery is part of the fun.

Just before the WOD I still feel nervous though, but it's being channeled in a much more positive way than one of negative thoughts. I try not to think about not completing or not being able to do the workout. Instead I tell myself that I can. Even if I'm slow, I can do it ...

It's still taking some practice, but I definitely feel like I'm gaining control over my mental blocks.

Our warm-up today was 250 jump rope skips. Some of the girls started doing double-unders and I thought to myself, 'Man, I really want to do those! When will I be able to do it?' I picked up my jump rope and started to jump and then gave a double under a go -- fully expecting the rope to lash at my shins as it has always happened in the past - but suddenly, the rope went under my feet a second time!

I was so shocked I gasped aloud and said - OMG, I did it!

I had to stop and laugh a bit (as did the other girls) as it truly did catch me off guard. Did I really do that or was it in my imagination? The true test will be to do it again ... and I did! I still haven't been able to do them in a row, but I did do 12 today ... and that's 12 more than I've ever done!

I'm still grinning!

Seeing the sudden accomplishment when you weren't expecting it gives me such a high!!

Our WOD today was 21-15-9 reps of thrusters (deep squat and then pushing the bar to an overhead press) followed by sprint burpees (sprint in place for 10 sec and then drop to a burpee, repeat for the reps).

When we did FRAN back in June, I did the thrusters with a 20 kg (44 lbs.) and it was tough ... today I moved up to 30 kg (66 lbs.) for the thrusters ... OMG - really, really tough. I had to really, really focus and think positively each time I went towards the bar. I tried to block everyone around me out and just focus on finishing the exercise. It was brutal, but I did it and I felt great after finishing that WOD!

The 'After Party' was 3 rounds of 15 crunches, 15 side-to-side planks, and 15 leg presses.

I left a lot of sweat on that gym floor tonight -- and left the Box with a huge smile on my face :)


  1. Oh my, cheers from me!!

  2. Damn, I wrote this huge comment yesterday and then my computer blipped and it got lost into cyberspace!!

    But basically I said - CONGRATS on getting your double unders!!! That's awesome!!! At the festivus competition, I watched some really strong competitors get squashed during a WOD because they didn't have them. So this is HUGE!!!

    I still cannot do them. Yesterday our WOD had 150 du's OR 1,000 singles. Ya think my coach is punishing those of us who don't have DU's?? Me thinks so!! I did my 1,000 and when I started the next round I practiced the doubles but I'm just not there yet. I can get the rope around twice and then I just stop jumping. WHY?? lol, I'll get there.

    1. Thanks Jenn! It was a huge moment for me because DU's are TOUGH! I still can't do them in a row, but will keep plugging at it! I have several whip marks on my calves from all the practice it took me to reach that point!

      You WILL get there! :)

  3. Congratulations!


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