Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Breathing a Bit Easy

Recovering from this bronchitis has been really draining. However, today things finally started to feel more normal. Today's CrossFit session was just what I needed -- I didn't do the 5-min skipping warm-up because I didn't know if my lungs were ready. However, I did all the other workouts.

My chest presses improved with me able to complete the 5th set (of 5 sets/5 reps) at 40 kg. I still needed a bit of assistance, especially for the last two reps, but it was better than Saturday! We also did incline chest presses, and I was glad to see a slight improvement on those too from Monday's session. I did my final set of 5 reps with 35 kg!

The Coach was going to give me an alternate exercise for the skips in our WOD, but I wanted to try it. I'm happy to say, I succeeded - I was a bit slow, but I still did it all.

Today's WOD:
15 minutes, AMRAP

6 Military presses (20 kg)
40 skips
6 pull ups (needed to use the black band and still I'm really, really, really having difficulty with these)
6 squats (40 kg)

I managed to do 7.5 rounds.

The after party was:
1 min burpees
1 min knees to elbows
1 min crunches
1 min leg raise hold
1 min plank pose hold (I sucked at them!)

I'm just glad I survived without coughing up a lung or feeling really dizzy/ill. Taking a week off cardio to get some rest was frustrating but definitely worth it. Now I've just got to work on rebuilding my cardio strength and endurance.

The week's menu is planned, and the monster fridge is packed with fresh produce! Things are finally falling into place.


  1. I get tired just reading about your workouts :)

    great job btw.

    1. lol Deanna - they are quite intense, but you just gotta do the best you can :)


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