Friday, September 28, 2012

The Final Decision

After my dilemma about what to do about what to do about tonight's dinner and receiving everyone's comments, I made a decision -- and that was to stick to my plan.

D and my guests were for the night were 100% supportive of my efforts on this challenge (and my health/fitness goals in general) so they made it really easy for me. It was really a decision I needed to make for myself all along. I know that there is no reason to stay off track for somebody else ... but still, I hesitated. I just glad I pushed through as the night was so enjoyable - and we all enjoyed our food.

I kept it really simple last night though there were things that were really tempting. I had bought special crackers plus truffle dip and balsamic cream from Italy. I had been saving them to use for tonight and I was gutted to read the ingredients that included some things I couldn't have -- so I skipped them. Also, when I was making dessert - a creamy chocolate mousse-type dessert, I was really, really tempted to have a taste. Still, even when some got on my fingers, I just washed it off. It was tempting, but it wasn't necessary - and for right now, I'm sticking to only what's necessary.

For dinner I made my Insalatona di Cupra - and for my salad, instead of using corn and mozzarella cheese that featured in the main salad, I subbed them for a yellow bell pepper and half an avocado. It was good, and while they enjoyed their chocolate dessert, I had some of my PBD bites for my own treat.

And that was that.

I have not been 100% on track with this challenge for two weeks straight. As I wrote in my WLC-specific blog, what I learned the most from this is that even when decisions are difficult and situations are less than ideal, it's still possible to stay on track.


  1. You are doing just great! Keep it up!

  2. You may not be 100% on track, but it sounds like you are close to it!

    1. Thanks :) I'm trying my best!


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