Sunday, September 2, 2012

End of SSSDC and Beginning of a New Semester

Today marks the end of the Summer Sizzle Slim Down challenge hosted by Rochelle. First of all, I wanted to say Thank You for hosting the challenge. I appreciate the time you took to arrange and describe the weekly goals. Plus it was great 'meeting' new bloggers.

I'm pleased to say that I ended the challenge having lost a total of 18 lbs in the past 3 months. I'm quite proud of that number because it has shown me that I don't need to have the 'perfect' conditions (if they even exist) to lose weight. I've learned how to incorporate physical fitness into my lifestyle, even when on vacation. More importantly, I've been able to get a better grip with my food. Even when I've eaten things that were not healthy, e.g. the daily gellato in Italy (yikes!), I also made sure that it didn't escalate to horrible eating all day every day. There is definitely room for improvement. The number I saw the scale is the lowest I've been in over a year and a half. I can't wait to keep on working towards improvement.

This past week's challenge was to cut out bread, pasta, cereal, and rice this week as well as avoid eating out. I wasn't 100% on this. I didn't eat out at all, but I did have bread twice this week as well as a bowl of cereal. It wasn't a craving or anything. I just did it subconsciously. Ooops. Gotta be more vigilant, especially as the Whole Life Challenge approaches ...

I started my new semester today. Today was just an admin day so I wasn't there for long. Actually, this whole week is kinda scheduled as an admin week with student orientation on Tuesday and a diagnostic test on Thursday. However, I found out that due to a scheduling glitch, my class won't meet at all until next week! So other than attending 2 meetings on Tuesday, I basically have another 6 days off until I start teaching next week. Nothing like finding out you have a few more days off to mark the beginning of a semester :)

I didn't go to the gym today like I had planned. I was coughing a lot this afternoon - not sure why as I really thought I was getting better. I wonder if it's because I didn't sleep very well last night ... anyway. I hope I'm well enough to workout tomorrow.

I'm experiencing mega-soreness from yesterday's workout. You that soreness where you can't even unhook your bra without wincing in pain? That kind of soreness ... but damn it feels good ;) Can't wait for more!


  1. Good on you for 18 lbs in 3 months. I wish I was experiencing that kind of victory.

  2. Congrats on your total loss. You are doing a great job!! I am very proud of you! Maybe we can find a new challenge to hop on to!! -Kody

  3. 18 lbs in three months!! THats awesome!!! COngrats on a successful challenge!!

  4. I'm hoping someone will have a challenge that falls during the holidays. I found the one last year to be very helpful in maintaining.

    You've done great on this challenge. Congrats!

  5. Congratulations - that is a wonderful loss!!

  6. 18 pounds in three months? Fantastic! Especially since I know you travelled a lot, and even being careful, eating food prepared by others can be full of pitfalls.

    Keep it up!

  7. Awesome!! Truly. And you learned. That was what it was all about. Well that and getting to "know" other people trying to do the same things with all kinds of life challenges. You did wonderful. I wish you the very best.

  8. Thanks everyone!! It was a great way to end the summer!!!

  9. Congratulations on your loss! That is VERY impressive! Yes, as we go along we learn to navigate through our life events like vacation (and that we can do those events and be healthy).You rocked this challenge.

    Good luck with a new semester! Michele


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